ROLDA has an exemplary record for the dogs that it provides for adoptees, exemplary in making complete cock-ups regarding age,sex,temperment and whether the dog has been neutered/spayed or not. Recently in early december 2011 ROLDA  sent the completely wrong dog to a potential adoptor! This mistake was only realised by the family sat awaiting the arrival of the dog they had adopted……when the dog that arrived was NOT the one they had adopted!

Be very careful when falling in love with this little one…….













As you may just end up with this one instead!!!


And if ROLDA is having a “Really” bad day……..




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  1. I can´t believe that this shouldn´t happen to the Dutch and Norwegians, too! This is not a single case!
    If it wasn´t so sad for the dog and the family . . . Shortly before Christmas such a disappointment for the family. And the dog sits for longer than necessary in this loveless atmosphere. (But instead, another is happy! And it has also deserves!)
    But it confirms once again the point ROLDA is accused: That Dana Costin has no concern for the animals, but only for the money. She is not outside in all weathers. She pulls the strings of their lay employees who are responsible for 150 EURO / month, what is not likely to be very motivated. She is always open up the Internet in search of new sources to get money. To advertise in order to increase the generosity of potential donors. No possibility for self-expression is omitted. Buzzwords such as EU standards, Animal Hoarding etc. are used for their own statements to make people think she cares for the animals and that she is a dog expert. Intellectual property of other organizations and animal shelters and ideas, suggestions and opinions of the volunteers is used by ROLDA for making her more interested in animal welfare.
    And the dog is not sent? Maybe it´s dead? ROLDA says that in 5 years, not one dog had died – even a puppy. But many dogs die in the Large Shelter. Fact is: How could you otherwise explain the relatively constant number of “prisoners”? ROLDA not give abroad as many dogs as they must remove from the industrial site. If the dogs don´t get veterinary care for diseases, injuries etc. . . If the dogs stuck for hours or overnight with their heads in large meshes of the kennel . . . If she struggles over food (up to 7 dogs on a few square meters). . . If they try out of frustration and boredom to pull each other through the bars. . . And then, at least, if in the winter about 200 dogs freeze . . . Then the system is explained by itself.
    See also my illegally posted volunteer report on In the report I have omitted no detail, nothing concealed, not lying. In order for the report, despite the bad “prison conditions” and the from this resultant sad condition of the dogs at first the report sight a positive effect, I have emphasized the goods. I thought, that more volunteers means better quality of life for the dogs. But I thought that lack of money was the reason for the miserable housing conditions. When I became aware that the states ROLDA could improve on her own (if she wanted), I withdraw my permmit to use my volunteer report as advertising. But as so often in the past ROLDA care less about the rights and feelings of other individuals.
    Also in the Adopt Center dogs are dying. E. g. in April three out of five puppies died. ROLDA has probably forgotten, because for ROLDA it´s not unusual. One of these puppies was the reason for my second visit to Galati. Two days ROLDA has informed me via E-Mail and SMS about the health of the puppies, especially about “my” puppy “Little Anja.” ROLDA said: The puppies have been to the vet and has become injections. The puppies have been hanging on a drip etc. Later I heard that the puppies NEVER been presented to the veterinarian.
    If ROLDA’s self-announced president would use her ruthlessness and unscrupulousness for providing the situation of the strays problem and not to her personal benefit, substantial could have be done with this big donations.

  2. Nancy Janes says:

    how can anyone send the wrong dog to the UK for adoption, as ROLDA just did? DUH…..shear lack of concern.
    The people in the UK had agreed and paid to adopt a dog from ROLDA months ago.

  3. mary scully says:

    Have any of those vile corrupt people in Romania, been punished for stealing. Or is the Government of Romania prepared to ignore, and encourage corruption?

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