Testimonial of Kerry Gale

I am writing my findings of what working with Dana Costin of ROLDA is really like and the kind of woman she really is…

In October 2010 I was in full preparations to transport a disabled dog called Blanduta from Romania to her new home in Alaska with a lovely lady called Sandy Myatt.

Dana had originally contacted me a few months before asking if I could help this poor dog as at that time I ran Disabled Dog Rescue. Dana informed me that she was in foster with a friend of hers called Nicoleta. This lady spoke no English at all so it was agreed that the correspondence would be between Dana and myself, she would then correspond with Nicoleta to keep her up to date on progress.

I subsequently found her a home with Sandy so then the mammoth task of organising the flights for this dog began. Donations from supporters helped to fund the flights (the cost of which were over £700, and that was just the first part of the journey, from Bucharest to Denver). In order to get her to her new home it had to be arranged that Roxanne Rich would collect her from the airport in Denver, Sandy would then fly from Alaska to collect her and fly her back–a huge task that took weeks of organising! All this time Dana was informed of progress every step of the way, she was then apparently relaying the information back to Nicoleta. On the day I booked her flight to the US for her to fly 2 days later I emailed Dana to give her the flight times and times she needed to be at that airport (Sandy had booked her flight from Alaska at this point too so everything was in place. ) To my absolute shock and horror I received an email back from Dana Costin telling me that the dog had actually been rehomed to a family in Germany and had been transported there the week before!

I was stunned, I burst into tears, barely able to believe it and terrified of telling everyone that all their hard work and donations were for nothing! And what was Dana Costins response? Abuse! She did not give a damn! She blamed everyone but herself, she was rude and aggressive toward me and had no remorse at all for the trouble she had caused. That dog had gone a week before I booked those flights, she had plenty of time to tell me so I didn’t go ahead with the arrangements. My argument with her was futile, she just continued to be rude and abusive to me, most of what she said didn’t even make sense to any normal mind. I vowed from that day on never to work with her again. Fortunately Sandy agreed to take another dog, Toto, and the airline company were kind enough to accept him instead of Blanduta so there was a happy ending in the long run.

I truly believe to this day that Blanduta never existed. I believe it was another of Dana Costin’s money making scams, but unfortunately for her I already knew how untrustworthy she was with money so I made sure any donations were paid to my charity account, not hers. So if it was her plan, it backfired miserably.

Dana Costin is by far one of the nastiest people I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with and the sooner everyone knows what she is really like the better in my view.

–Kerry Gale
S.P.I.N-Spanish Pups In Need

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