Who hurts Romanian Dogs – Slanderous website set up by Dana Costin when news of this Website reached her

Please Note: Dana Costins website is being paid for by the stray dog donations, according to Dana Costin, the following website she created is costing $5,000 a month! This site does not defend Rolda ,but is used to start smear campaigns.So the following website is being paid for by the  donations people have given to care for the stray dogs.
 Though the site itself appears to be a blog, this is actually incorrect. This particular type of url can only be purchased for a set period, the minimum of 1 year.Dana’s site itself uses wordpress software, the domain and  hosting  of which has to be paid for…by animal loving donators!
Source:  Click here to view PDF taken directly from the site
See below for just an example of points that prove time and again how Dana just loves to lie.
1. As we have proven in the slanders by Costin section, the $40,000 RAR/RARF granted in Romania is fully accounted for with receipts from RARF as well as the former RAR/ RARF, Dr. Aurelian Stefan.
2. What was Dana covering up on the official letter sent to her by the Ministry of Justice?   Please notice the paper that has covered the beginning of the letter.   Could it be that this informed Ms. Costin that Livia Brenner has the Power of Attorney for RARF in Romania, and is therefore the legal representative for RARF in Romania, not Nancy Janes, who resigned as President from RARF in 2010?
3. The other animal lovers who Dana first references here (not us by the way, but for the sake of fairness we feel this person must be commented upon) is the same person who was directly instrumental to prewarning Dana about this forthcoming site, as well as collaborating with Dana by forwarding her various links to documents/private emails as well as the link to what she thought Dana could use against an RAA member to deter her from helping build this website exposing Rolda.
4. Little Grey was not found by anyone, RAA are still searching for this poor soul. What Dana blatantly lies about is that RAR had found little grey. This is not true, there have been numerous occasions when horses have been rescued in Romania that at first were thought to be Little Grey, unfortunately all led to be other horses.
5. There is no group in Predal, Dana Costin is deliberately exaggarating here. This was one woman who RAA have now spent thousands on helping her rescue efforts of the strays. Most recently 3 weeks ago transporting 15 of her dogs to Holland to be rehomed,and another transport at the end of September for her. We could go into more detail but have agreed with this lady to put differences aside for the sake of the dogs.
6. As we have already proven, Dana until a few weeks ago was collecting in RAA’s name, pretending to be in collaboration on a project with RAA when she most certainly was not.
7.Charity boxes, as already proven this never happend. Yet again another slanderous and wholly untrue statement by Costin to discredit a sincere and honest animal welfare person.
8. Costin claims that the previous sites that were built to expose her and Rolda were paid for by donators money. If Dana had botherd to check the status of the accounts she would have seen these were FREE. Hence why she was able so easily to have them removed.

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