An attempt to raise $6000 by ROLDA using Romania Animal Aids name

A good earner for Dana Costin is to use a respected charity or organisations name in one of her fake appeals. Without their knowledge or consent. She has been caught out three times this year doing this very thing. Once with Romanian Animal Aid,then Lets Adopt, then again with Romania Animal Aid.

In regards to Romania Animal Aid, Dana Costin aka Rolda set up a cause to collect donations for an alleged spay and neuter programme. However Romania Animal Aid who is well known for funding such events was totally unaware of this cause or alleged spay event. When it was brought to their attention they immediately sent out a public announcement to warn potential donators to not donate to this cause, they also demanded Dana Costin to remove the page itself.

On 18th August 2011 again they were notified that Dana Costin yet again was illegally asking for donations, again for a spay and neuter clinic, again illegally using the RAA charities name. There could be no doubt in the wording of the cause that Dana Costin was falsely stating this cause was a Rolda and RAA partnetship.

Again the team of RAA demanded she take the page down, and ensured yet again the public were made aware that this cause like the others was illegal and fraudulent. Dana Costin, in hopes that no one would notice,did not take the cause down but instead changed the description to include slanderous and utterly false information about RAA.

Thankfully an RAA member downloaded the entire cause page on 18th August and again on the 19th August after Dana had just changed the text. Considering that Dana Costin immediately changed the text shows that until she is caught she will continue to act illegally.

Please click on the following documents – After they open simply go to file, then page properties. This is a security measure a time stamp as such that shows when that page was originally downloaded. You will clearly see on 18th August Dana uses RAA name to bring in over $6000 in donations, then on 19th August the day after she has been caught out she changes the text rather than taking the cause down.

Legally it still stands that until the 18th August 2011 all monies recieved by Dana Costin aka Rolda were on a fraudulent basis. Over $6000!

18th August 2011 Dana Costin, Rolda using RAA name to fraudulently gain $6000 in donations for false cause

19th August 2011 Dana Costin, aka Rolda changes text but continues to ask for donations

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