ROLDA’s Victims

As well as the animals themselves, Dana Costin has also abused the trust and good nature of many people.If you have been a victim of Dana Costin, please do contact us and share your experience providing evidence to confirm your testimonial.




The Victims

Nancy Janes – CEO of Romania Animal Rescue

Chrissy Phillips – Founder and CEO of Romania Animal Aid

Mr Cenac – Stray dog rescure and Shelter Manager

Mr A – Business man

Mayhew Animal Home – Stole donor list

Anja stein – and others who she refuses to take down thier copyright material

Also click here to see other victims of her smear and slander campaigns

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  1. Pamela Gorman says:

    People like her are ruining it for the rest of us who do help save the lives of animals everyday.. How dare her.. animals will continue to suffer because of her… She should be in prison for the rest of her life, or at least illegal for her to ever own , or be part of an animal’s life in anyway.. She is a monster ,,& parasite !

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