Rolda threatens witnesses with lawsuits

The most effective way to get the majority of Romanian’s to do as you want, infact many who have lived in communist countries and whom now face financial hardship, is to threaten them with the use of authority and financial constraints. Ms. Costin knows this, and is using this to her advantage in an attempt to get the witnesses to retract what they have stated as fact via their testimonials.  These are two of the testimonials Costin is referring to, one of them being the video from Mr. Cenac whom Costin dumped dying puppies and dogs on, infecting his shelter and killing many of his beloved dogs.  Mr. Cenac is a pensioner and is extremely impoverished…..but ROLDA is threatening this man for telling the truth:

Rolda has employed a lawyer (using donor funds) to send legal letters to local Romanians demanding they publish in a newspaper a retraction about what they have said via testimonials on this site. This lawyer acting on behalf of Rolda/ Dana Costin is threatening them with court action and also stating they will be facing a charge of 100 ron per day for every day they fail to comply to Roldas demands.  If people dare to speak of their experiences with ROLDA in Romania, they are threatened with a lawsuit.


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  1. Jayne says:

    one word – bully!

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