Rolda re- homing dogs with children without appropriate home checks

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From: name removed due to threats from ROLDA
Subject: Re: Rolda
To: “Romania Animal Rescue” <>
Date: Friday, August 19, 2011, 1:57 PM

I checked the first dogs that she placed on
I checked:
Then i stopped looking.
All these dogs she write are very social, easy, good with kids,other dogs and cats.
So the perfect dogs also they can stay alone 4 hours.
Also i checked some puppies they can stay alone 2 till 3 hours and whenn they are adult 4 hours.
Its dangerous this because people think to adopt a easy dog and as you know Romanian dogs are not all the time so easy you cannot know how long they can stay alone.
And kids i saw a lot of adults and she write perfect with kids, its dangerous.
I know the romanian dogs now 5 years and we don’t have these stories on our website.
We check the dogs we have on our website i’m in romania every 6 weeks sometimes every month.
They are strays and not so easy to place in a house, i heard Hanneke never was in Romania how she can publishe the dogs like this?
Its so dangerous what if a dog bites a child and i know some romenian dogs bite if they are in the wrong family.
From this list i saw 1 dog that they say that its mayby a hunterdog, but also he was ok with children.
Very dangerous.
I can check more dogs if you want but this list were the first dogs i saw and its a long list.
So this is what i see here from Rolda Nederland and publishing their dogs they have only perfect dogs.
They ask 230 euro they say that they do also bloodchecks in Romania with their dogs, i don’t know if they really do.
Hugs (name deleted due to threats)

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