2006: Letter of concern from Dr.Olsen ;Rolda jeopardises care for strays in Galati

Subject: Fw: Letter from Dr. Olsen while in Romania for ROLDA
DR>OLSEN, MAY 11, 2006

hello merritt,
i am responding to some concerns that you have about the paralyzed dog
and also some things that have developed over here in Galati that has
jepordized the efforts to help the dogs here.
I have personally rehab’d a young adult female black lab a few years
ago who was paralyzed from a fx’d back after being hit by a car. About a
month after her injury, we ordered a dog cart and she instaantly hopped
in and took off through my fields. I thought that she would be tired
but she was not. Even though she has no deep pain in her hind feet, her
reflexes have taken control and she leads a very functional life and is
dearly part of a family with 2 other dogs and a small child now. she
can stand to eat and is able to walk across the room…all because of
innate reflexes. This is not uncommon when the injury occurs to a  young
dog. Already this dog who is about 4 months old, is walking well with a
towel to support her. She is a very compliant patient as well. So i
hope that you understand now that i give this dog a very good prognosis
for cart life and maybe more. I will not bore with you other experiences
but i would not suggest this if i did not feel that this dog want
s to live and that there is someone out there capable to love her and
relate to this as a tragedy for dogs all over and especially in Romania.

Now about the other tragedy here in Romania. i too, believed at first
that Dana’s lack of preparation and lack of response and followthrough
was miscommunication, but it is now obviously not. I had experiences
prior to Nancy’s arrival that i questioned but shrugged it off as a
Romanian culture traitand inability to be fluent in each others’ language.
But, today was the last straw….i have been very slow in being able to
spay/neuter dogs here and finally got a good system going yesterday with
a fellow driving the van and delivering dogs to the clinic. Today, he
did not return for 4 hours and i had no dogs to work on. He arrived with
one dog about 2 p.m. and it was because Dana is demanding the van back
and is threatening to call the police. Although RAR paid for the van,
she does not have a driver’s license. Plus, Rolando’s mother claims the
registration is in Rolando’s name and now she wants the van. Yes, this
is a mess and there is nothing about putting the dogs first in t
his at all! HAbitual liers do not change, however. I would not continue
to put up with this inappropriate behavior and enabling her because of
some tragic past experiences does not help the dogs or her.
Tomorrow, we shall go out on our own and attempt to find some dogs to
spay/neuter by ourselves and rent a van for the next few more days while
i am here. That is the tragedy and really, it is 95% Dana’s fault and
5% of Nancy’s fault…only because she believed Dana’s excuses way too
many times and always found a reason to believe in her because of the
dogs. It is no difference than other human relationships where there is
an abusive person and someone who cannot leave the relationship because
of something they desparately need (in this case, to help the dogs)
So that is my perspective as an unbiased person who only is here to
spay/neuter the dogs.
jeanne olson
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From: Romania Animal Rescue <>
Date: Thursday, May 11, 2006 4:04 pm

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