ROLDA Lies About Being a Member of GlobalGiving

Dana Costin tries to pretend ROLDA is a member of GlobalGiving. Global Giving did not allow ROLDA as a member charity as they did not pass GlobalGiving’s due diligence test. (rolda-global-giving-lie)


If the photo you see on the Facebook page is familiar to you, you have probably seen it posted on promotional material for other organizations. It is one of the most popular stock photos from photographer Xiebiyun, and you can purchase a license to use the photo here: Here is the stock photo:


If you look at Xiebiyun’s portfolio, all of the images center around life in and around Thailand. Now it is quite possible that she traveled to Romania to take this one photo and included it in her Thailand-centric collection of photos, but it is more fitting with the rest of the photographer’s subject matter that this photo is taken of a dog in Thailand, not Romania.

Here is the GlobalGiving page to ROLDA’s donation request page:


Here is the screenshot of the fundraiser she tried to set up via GlobalGiving. They caught it, and removed it. One needs to pass due diligence to be on GlobalGiving, and Costin/ROLDA failed to pass. Although she was rejected years ago, she still tried to sneak in.


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  1. Carla Cristinu says:

    And she said this dog is a Rolda rescue. “Pansela” Rolda dog. Big lie

  2. julie johns says:

    and I just noticed Dana Costin even put the ROLDA logo on her stolen photo……to pretend as tho this is her photo. My goodness this woman will stoop to anything to try to take money from naive people!

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