Fake Name Alert

Be on the lookout if you are contacted by someone using one the following names in reference to ROLDA and its activities:

  • Geena M.
  • Vanda A.
  • Lorri Boo
  • JoshuaNancyDog
  • Lori Brechner
  • Geena Mackenzen
  • Vanda Alisson
  • Becky Hewitt
  • Hanry Farriot
  • Rita French
  • Lam Chop

These are just the ones we know of for now.


Have you ever been contacted by one of these “people” in reference to ROLDA? Well then, you have been contacted by Dana Costin using one of her fake names. Why would someone in animal welfare need a fake name? We have asked ourselves the very same question.

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  1. lorraine says:

    what about Rebecca hewitt, corina Stan. and vanda a. I saw them mentioned and i have them on ly list. let me know if these 3 should come off. Everything is relevant thanks lorraine

  2. ruth tessler says:

    LAM CHOP ????!!!!!
    Wow the intellect !!!

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