Have you ever wondered how you ended up on a ROLDA mailing list?  Well, have you ever signed a “heartfelt” petition…perhaps under the heading “Save Romania Strays”?  That’s how Dana Costin got your  information.  Her petitions are a lure to get in more unsuspecting donors.

Most organisations build their mailing list over time, the normal honest way is when people click on the button to be added to your newsletter etc…But we are talking about Dana Costin here, she doesnt do things the honest way!

Petitions – Dana got over 20,000 signatures from people to supposedly help the Romanian strays, claiming that she would submit this petition to the Romanian authorities. She never did – and she never could have – as the RO authorities will not accept petitions for stray animals.   She simply got these email addresses off the petition to solicit for more money

Here is one of Dana Costin’s fake petitions:; once again she claims she will submit it to the Romanian Parliament who is not accepting petitions about stray dogs.  Dana states in this petition that visiting should be allowed at all shelters, yet visitors are not permitted at the shelters that Costin manages… visiting hours, and the ArcelorMittal shelter that ROLDA manages has no access to the public whatsoever.



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