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From Rolda Aug 2010 Newsletter – View PDF of entire page

Dear animal lover, dear friends and supporters,
We are now in the Holidays month but none of our staff knows what holiday’s
We have one woman and 8 man employed at the two ROLDA dog rescue centers. They never asked holidays unless they get sick. Maybe they are not the most qualified people in the field, but they work with passion and commitment in all weather conditions including Sunday because they know dogs need to stay clean and eat every day a week.

Rolda has 1 women employed at the small shelter, it is the large shelter that 8 men are employed at, all there wages paid for by Arcelor Mittal

Please look at Real Rolda dogs to see for yourself how clean they are kept


Sponsor a large shelter?

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If you decided to sponsor one or more ROLDA dogs ,you arrived in the right place!


You can choose between sponsor a dog with special needs, sponsor an emergency surgery/treatment for a dog/cat in our care.




Delia lives in our kennels since she was a puppy, now she is almost 2 years old.She saw many other dogs coming and being adopted, but nobody wanted her yet.


Dogs like Delia should be kept busy, with toys and activities so they will not chew kennel, not fight with other dogs because getting bored. Keeping kennels occupied with healthy, adoptable dogs, when thousand others strays are exposed to dangers and death on the streets -it’s a major problem.


Dogs shelter costs. From employees salaries to daily basic needs bills (food, veterinary care,…)


A kennel at the large shelter can welcome 5 adult dogs. By sponsoring dogs from a kennel you help ROLDA save more lives.

Sponsor Levels


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  1. these are all photos of the dogs and shelter funded by ArcelorMittal. Dana has never needed any funds for these dogs! The steel company ArcelorMittal pays for everything for the dogs, the shelter, a transport van, everything. Dana just sees this as a way to trick more unsuspecting donors into giving her more money for her own personal use.

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