Private shelter

In 2007, ROLDA started the ROLDA Pension (Private boarding Kennels) to make the supposed non-profit organisation into a money making business.   Although donations had funded the building of the ROLDA shelter and the shelter was supposed to be built to house homeless animals, Dana Costin decided to turn it into a for-profit business.  All the while she was asking donors to fund the ROLDA shelter.

Donations given by kind hearted animal lovers to support the rescued strays under Danas managment were used to print banners and flyers to advertise this pension.  This is a photo of one of the banners displayed in the local area advertising Danas boarding facility.   Radio ads also ran to advertise this new money-making scheme.  According to the testimonial of our friend in Galati from August 28, 2011, the so-called ROLDA Adoption Center is known by the people in Galati as a for-pay /pension/ boarding kennel.
Please see the ROLDA budget for 2007, under the topic “Education” you will see the cost of $13,000 for the production of 5 banners and rental space for them in Galati, Braila, and for the printing of free materials.   According to Mr. Cenac of Galati, Dana posted the free literature advertising her boarding kennel at pet food stores in the city (paid for with ROLDA donations).

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