double dipping into charities

Dana Costin, aka ROLDA tried to double dip into the HSUS Spay Day Photo Contest funds in 2011.  She listed herself as 2 different charities in Galati, Romania Strays Rescue and Romanian League in Defense of Animals.

The HSUS was informed of this and after verification that this is exactly what Dana Costin had done, thankfully Dana was stopped from ripping off other charities whos share of the donations would have been much smaller.   HSUS has a “General Fund” allowing donations to be sent in and split evenly amongst the approved charities participating in HSUS Spay Day Photo Contest.  Quote from Vicky Stevens of HSUS: “Half of the money in the General Fund was disbursed to HSUS/HSI for our spay/neuter programs in the U.S. and abroad, and the other half was split among all eligible organizations for their spay/neuter programs.”    A double entry by any charity would mean that this charity would be double dipping into the General Fund, thus getting more than their fair share of donations, and depriving other charities from receiving more funds.

Message from From Kelly Coladarci in regards to the above:
We all agree that Rolda will not register 2 orgs for the same event, we appreciate you bringing that to our attention.”
The problem is, had it not been for someone keeping track of Dana Costin and her low life cons, she would have gotten away with stealing from other orgs AGAIN.   HSUS had it up there for quite awhile before they read the email informing them what Dana was trying to get away with until they realised the truth.   So, once again, she was using other charities to get donations – stealing from the “pie”, of which the proceeds go to charities that REALLY help other animals.  She would have received double her share for herself!


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