Dana Costin Makes a Recent Appeal for a Van

Quote from appeal in Save Romania Strays on January 16: “Purchasing a new large van will help small charities and individuals who have no financial resources to organize transport from their location to Bucharest airport or other meeting points. A newer large van costs 16000 EUR or more but a Dacia type van, second hand, is approx 6000 EUR”.

but the fact is……..

ROLDA was donated this truck in February of 2010 by Nanette from the USA, with plenty of space for dog kennels and transports for spay/neuter (if she really ever does any). Please see this photo of the ROLDA truck taken in May of 2011. Also, please see the other means of transport that ROLDA has for use to transport dogs for adoption or spay/neuter. Most charities in Romania would do anything to have a means to transport their animals….and ROLDA already has means to do this, yet once again is asking for duplicate donations for something that she already has.

(When she tried to get the WDMDG site taken down in 2011 she admitted that this was her truck and license number).

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