Bogus wishlist?

We call this the bogus wishlist, as has been confirmed by volunteers to her shelter that Dana does not give the dogs any of the toy donations, and simply piles them up in the cottage, she also does not give out the blankets.

Source: – Click here to see pdf

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Help make the animals’ wishes come true, one simple item at a time. From toys to kennels, and computers to cat litter, the animals need all kinds of things to make their world a better place.


FAQ Where to send some supplies for your dogs?

Answer: All items can be safely sent to this mailing address directly in Romania
Costin Dana (ROLDA)
16 Feroviarilor Street, Bl.C2,ap.18
800563 Galati


FAQ I live in Holland (or I live in UK). Where to send some supplies to help your dogs rescue mission and not cost me too much the mailing service?

Answer: If you live in Holland, please reffer to Hanneke for exact details where to send the supplies. We have collection points in Bolsward, Smilde, Uitgeest, Eerbeek.

If you live in UK, please reffer to Dave or Dana .



Nail clippers
Dog carriers
Foldable dog crates
Exercise pen for puppies
Plastic kennels for air transport/flights
Dog Litters
Absorbable materials
Slip leash
Jolly Balls – Large
Training pouches – hinge style
Gardening & Work Gloves (size: M, L)
Dog treats and biscuits
Dry and canned food
Supplements and vitamins
Anti Allergic shampoo
Medicated shampoo
Stripping comb, brushes
Scissors various size for grooming
Large stainless steel bowls for water
Plastic or PVC frame dog beds
Kong toys
Squeezing toys
Water toys
Training /agility
Dog coats (various sizes)
Puppy milk replace
Clean towels

For orphaned puppies – very large stuffed animals, soft animal beds; when solitary puppies come in, the very large stuffed animals or the soft animal beds are comforting to them.




Cat carriers
Foldable cat crates (
Powder-Free Textured Latex Exam Gloves, (size: M, L)
Food /water refill bowls
Cat Litters
Pet wipes
Canned food
Dry food




Surveillance cameras
Fire alarms /smoke detectors
Oster clipper and blades (
Animals scale
Stainless steel exam table/s
Grooming table
Small animal traps
First aid kits




Liquid detergent for floors
Disinfectant for kennels and office floor
Antibacterial liquid soap for hands
Stain & odor remover
Cleaning brushes
Paper towels (loads!)
Large garbage bin/s
Large garbage bags, strong


Thank you for giving from heart for Romanian dogs in need!

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