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Mr Cenacs Video

Dana’s “Who Really Hurts Romania Dogs” Slanderous Site

Dana’s False Accusation of Forgery

Dana Costins Lies and Contradictions

Documents of Dana Stealing from strays

Bank withdrawls – Money taken from strays donation account

Dogs Smoke?

Parents bills paid for, courtesy of the stray dogs donation money!

Personal shopping..Food, clothes & luxuries, courtesy of the strays donation fund

Merritt Clifton’s interest in Dana Costin

Nancy Janes of Romania Animal Rescue – Testimonial

ROLDA Animal Abuse

Dana lets dogs die

Real dogs of Rolda – Not the hand picked models for her press releases!

Veterinarian H. van der Mast – On the condition of a dog sent by Rolda to Holland

Rolda exposed site map


$98,466 –  fraudulent land deal under the pretence of land bought for the strays

Stray dog donations used to fund her lavish life style, and pay for family bills!

$100,000+ Con

500+Dog Con at the large shelter

ROLDA Fraud,Theft and Forgery

Bogus Begging bowls

Dana’s clever play on words and a few photos gets money rolling in

Danas bogus wish list

Double dipping into charities share pot

Petition Con

Private shelter

Rolda NewsLetters – The slip ups, cons and outright lies all to get money


Smear and Slander Campaigns – all to deflect attention from herself

21st August Statement

Dana Costin accuses Nancy Janes of paying Mr Cenac to make video testimonial

Dana Costins false accusations against Romania Animal Aid and its members

$6000+ Con – using RAA name

Dana Costins recent lies against RAR

Danas threats

RAR 2009 Audit report that Dana Costin states does not exist!

Verifiable evidence disproving Dana Costin lies about RAR Accountability for $40,000

Who hurts Romanian Dogs – Slanderous website set up by Dana Costin when one of her collaborators tipped her off about this expose site to be built

Testimonial from Daniela Paun, Galati, Romania

Testimonial from Dr. Jeanne Olson, DVM, volunteer veterinarian from Alaska

Testimonials & Reports


Catherine Baroun – Rolda Volunteer report

Dana Costin forges Dr’s signature to get more donations for her pocket

Danas Spay con

How Dana treats the locals and their pets, from an animal lover and rescuer in Galati

Rolda Jeopardises care for strays in Galati

Rolda placing any dogs in homes with children just to get rid of the dogs?

Sarah England, Volunteer at ROLDA shelter in 2011, Testimonial

Testimonial of Anja Stein, Germany (Rolda volunteer)

Testimonial of Chrissy Phillips – Founder and CEO of the charity Romania Animal Aid

Testimonial of Marilena Ganea

Testimonial of Ms. M – Galati

Testimonial of Rory Janes

The truth about the May transport, not the Costin lies

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