ROLDA blog – “Response against ‘bastards’ attack on ROLDA”


Below are screen captures (in white) from ROLDA’s latest blog entry on “WhoHurtsRomanianDogs” the person writing in the blog is also discussed in the captures below those (in black)





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  1. Nancy Janes says:

    This person Dawn is justifying Dana Costin’s thefts? WOW!!! HSUS people earn a salary that is well publicized. They earn a living and pay taxes on their income, whether it is too much or not is not relevant to this website. What is relevant to this site is the fact that Dana Costin of ROLDA did not claim the “income” she stole…..she just took money from donations that were intended for the animals. This is theft, pure and simple.I question Dawn’s acceptance of this practice.

  2. Judy says:

    Dawn, not only have I been to this “rescue”, I donated for it. Funds were not used for the dogs but for Ms. Costin herself. Funds are allocated already by ArcelorMittal corporation to the tune of 250,000 Euro per year…for all costs….yet Ms. Costin asks for duplicate donations.
    Merritt Clifton went to Romania first in 2004, and fell in love with Dana Costin. He has since been to Romania 2 more times I believe. How can Merritt justify Costin’s asking for duplicate donations for funds she already has from ArcelorMittal for their shelter, that they built for their factory dogs (not street dogs)? Well, he can’t…but he has put his reputation on the line, divorced his wife and left his family with delusions that Costin loves him, started a USA charity for her. He is complicit in all of this. How can Merritt state in a postcard to a potential donor that he has worked with ROLDA since 1986? ROLDA not only did not exist then, but Dana Costin was only about 7 years old. Merritt is fully aware of the information on this website, fully aware of the receipts that were not submitted, fully aware of the receipts that were submitted showing the purchase of human luxuries with donations intended for animals. Merritt introduced Costin to a Direct Mail marketer so that she could ask for even more duplicate donations from unsuspecting people, displaying photos of the fully-funded ArcelorMittal sponsored shelter. I would not use him as a source of information…on the contrary, he is covering for himself and his actions. Here is some useful information for you of the whole ordeal:

  3. Honesty Integrity says:

    Merritt Clifton has now been fired as editor of Animal People

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