Real dogs of Rolda -not the dogs shown on her website

LATEST UPDATE:  2013 : Dana Costin herself is supposedly appalled by the conditions of the animals below, but rather than accept responsibility for their suffering and abuse, Ms Costin herself states we should get in touch with the abusive shelter and publicly force them into treating the dogs properly without the starvation and abuse as can be clearly seen in the photos below. Why is she now saying this? Because she is laughably denying these photos were taken at her shelters.

The following quote is from a discussion that appeared on the page of Dave Dillon on Facebook:

Dana Costin, 2013: “To be on ROLDA side, not necessarily as a donor but in terms of boycotting the people that over the years, and especially thanks to the loose policy on how social networks like Facebook function, virally spread attacks and lies from the most atrocious, against ROLDA. They reached the lowest level, when they promote photos that don’t even belong to ROLDA, to hurt us….instead of protesting against those from where actually the photos were taken”

The fact that the photos (below) are in fact from the ROLDA shelter is undeniable. On Rolda websites and newsletters Ms Costin herself has posted hundreds of photos of the small adoption centre and the large shelter under her management. It is painfully clear that the photos below were taken from the Rolda shelter, there is no other shelter in Romania that has the same layout or architectural construction. We will be adding comparisons for our site visitors shortly.

This is probably one of the rarest times we agree wholly with Dana Costin, as Ms Costin herself states we should be protesting against the shelter where these photos were taken. We are,  hence the construction of this site.


Dana Costin top left as usual posing for the camera with a very healthy looking dog. It is in fact her own pet dog, not the common skinny, starving specimens that gauntly haunt the shelters Dana Costin manages. As you can see here, her personal preference is full breeds, unlike the poor mixed variety she funds her lifestyle upon.

2011 – 2012 of the real Rolda dogs Costin doesn want you to see, what your donations are paying for, to keep these dogs in such horrific conditions.  These dogs sadly make up the majority of the animals under Rolda’s “care”





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  1. Lone Merise Frederiksen says:

    Terrible…. just terrible! 🙁

  2. Cristina Buatru says:

    Pozele sunt cutremuratoare. Nu vad nici o diferenta intre acesti caini si cei de pe strada…sunt la fel de bolnavi, ignorati si tristi. Macar pe strada poate mai gaseau ceva de mancare. Un adapost ar trebui sa le ofere o viata mai usoara,sa fie un refugiu pana cand isi vor gasi pe cineva care sa ii iubeasca. Trist. Sper sa se gaseasca o solutie pentru ei.

  3. this is disgusting,dana you are a mega f@@@@ bitch and about time you are stopped,why dont you help the dogs?you get enough funding to help them??????????im ashamed to be dutch with one of many profiteurs like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you are lower than a bloody puppy mill and cockroach which is an insult to a cockroach,nancy and everyone is right,I SAY LIFE AND THROW AWAY THE KEY,OOPS MAAR DAN WEL IN VUGHT PSYCHIATRIC UNIT TBS LIFE WITHOPUR PAROLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dana is just for all the wrong reasons,the image of a B.P. CEO; cares only about money,doesn,t care what damage she does to get it!

  5. My husband and I visited this shelter before her new kennels were built and funded by the Mittell Stell group and it hoped that this kennels would soon be closed and the new one built I have sent loads and loads of plastic beds blankets dog food medication and fundraised a huge amount of money to read this today I am sp[eechless and as from now I will no longer put anything on my group nor will I have any further connection My husband and I are animal lovers we worked a lifetime with them and we also did what we possibly could for all matters concerning animal.
    Both my husaband I were animal rights who went domonstrating agains animal abuse at various labs and breeding centres for the trade of animal experiments. there is little more to be said but please keep me;posted Veronica Titchener UK

  6. Siri says:

    not pretty pictures, but honestly, reality is much worse. I was there in May and saw this place with my own eyes. The fear in their eyes, the horrible sounds, the apathy, the desperate hunger … the photos show very little

    Problem is when people see photos of dogs that are suffering they want to step in and be the kind rescuer, not realizing that when they keep adopting from Rolda they also support Dana in doing what she is doing and continuing in treating dogs this horribly, except those few lucky ones that actually are adopted. She will keep doing this as long as there are people supporting her. The majority of the dogs here will never be adopted, they will rot in this prison for the rest of their miserable existence, don’t people care about them. It is beyond my comprehension how proclaimed animal lovers only care about their own dog – the one whose picture shows the world what kind and generous animal lovers they are. It’s really beyond my comprehension – have to do some thinking in order to try and understand this …

  7. Roisin says:

    I too did a lot of FBing the shelter and had it as my birthday cause and donated to ROLDA personally. I am horrified to see and read about the conditions. I even suggested ROLDA to someone looking for an animal shelter to volunteer at. I never heard anything bad back but will have to now go and get in touch to find out how she got on there

  8. Dawn says:

    Your day is coming trash!! Taking money from dogs who need help and ripping off loving people who want to help!!

  9. sara lima says:

    JESUS CHRIST!! I had a feeling there was something crooked going on. I was corresponding with Dana last year in trying to get financial help with a freight box shipment of supplies from the USA to ROLDA and during this Dana was going on vacation and was unavailable due to travel or being away. I had recommended to Dana’s connection Shannon McCabe here in the USA (that said she had been the ROLDA)to incorporate a Wish list pamphlet of needed supplies at a yearly Halloween Ball Event she put on. The donor’s could go online to an animal supply site that ships to Romania and DIRECTLY send ROLDA what was needed. No follow through or interest was shown. I am seeing Cash donations were the only interest. There was no one stepping up to truly commit here in Los Angeles California with helping me possibly getting a costly shipment off to Romania. I was also under the assumption that the dogs in her care lived in groups in large fenced areas NOT in FILTHY PRISONS GETTING THEIR HEADS STUCK IN THE HOG WIRE FENCING WHILE SICK AND SCARED, TRAPPED WITH NO STIMULATION!!! DANA is clearly a HEARTLESS, SHALLOW, SELF INDULGED BITCH.! Most of the dogs in her shelter will have no chance of adoption. This is a sad raw truth. She is using these tortured dogs and locking them in prisons to rack in money and not supplying the dogs with a happy life at the shelter that will FOREVER BE THEIR FINAL DESTINATION. I have been networking ROLDA for 2 years now and now I am sick with sharing the disgusting news of yet another rescue gone bad. CONNIVING BITCH !!

  10. Lelia Creanga says:

    dana, you filthy disgusting bitch!!!!! hundreds of dogs suffer cause you are mentally disturbed, you scum! mark my words: one day, you’ll pray for mercy, one day you’ll be sorry for everything you’ve done! and that day is coming……how the f**k is this possible???????? you deserve to be left in one of those kennels to rott, without food, in your own filth…

  11. In 2010 I helped to co ordinate the sending of plastic pallets to be sent to Dana for the dogs, there were real concerns that the dogs were constantly lying on wet, dirty floors so there was an offer to send out loads of beds, Dana’s answer to this offer was a firm ‘NO’ she said the workers would not clean around the beds, so the pallets were seen as a solution… at least they could raise themselves off the floor.. at the cost of a great deal of money to RAA the pallets were purchased and sent…. Dana has never put them in for the dogs, they continue to sleep in their own faeces & urine. I have had a few ‘run ins’ with Dana.. she is extremely aggressive and threatening if ever you dare to challenge the conditions in her shelter or the welfare of the dogs. She is nothing more than a prison guard for these poor creatures.. she boasts that she ‘saves’ the street dogs… she doesn’t save them, she sentences them to a life of misery!

  12. obreja ionela says:

    este foarte trista situatia! nu imi vine sa cred ca poate sa fie atat de indiferenta la suferinta lor,cand ea supravietuieste de pe urma acestora! chiar nu se putea sa ii ingrijeasca,sa le ofere hrana macar?
    urat! sa ii fie rusine!!!

  13. This is So sad……Why can a person like her continue to do what she do? How can she be the queen of the shelter? Why is it not possible to get another shelter manager, with the heart in the right place – for the animal. I’m so sad for the dogs that they can’t even get the plastik pallets and get of the concrete floor. But maybe she just sold them?? Poor poor dogs – yes, this is indeed a jail for dogs. Sooooo sad…

  14. dave says:

    Where is the law in Romania????????

  15. Oscar says:

    Dana, Do you really think you will never suffer the consequences of your lies and deception?

  16. Elke Winkler says:

    What can be done to stop her – quickly ??

  17. Marit says:

    Why not post pictures and warnings about this terrible matter on Facebook. That would reach many thousand persons.

  18. Gill - Rescueme Romania says:

    In 2008 I adopted a ROLDA dog. When he arrived his long coat was matted and dirty which disguised the fact that he was a bag of bones. I didn’t dare take him to be trimmed in case someone reported me to the RSPCA for neglect. Everyone who saw him thought that he was an old dog. He was 18 months old. I had to take him to the vet anyway because he couldn’t use his back right leg and the vet was horrified at how thin he was. I’d queried the limp with Dana and she said that he must have banged his leg on the journey over. The xray showed it was an old injury and a lot of his femur was dead. Luckily because he was young the vet was able to cut away the dead bone and anyone who didn’t know him wouldn’t notice that his right leg is shorter than the left.
    The second ROLDA dog I adopted was dirty and smelly, but not particularly thin. At that point another poor shelter had contacted ROLDA for help and she put their appeal on her web site. I contacted a UK dog magazine and asked them to put an article in about this shelter, which they did. The shelter set up a paypal account but the magazine went to print with the story earlier than we expected and used Dana’s paypal address. She told us that no donations were raised for this shelter. I regret now not making a donation myself through her account and seeing if she was being truthful. To be fair to her, she did give them some money later. I will never know if this was part of the money donated by the readers of the magazine or not.Dana took some dogs from this shelter to ROLDA to be advertised for adoption in the UK. They were supposed to be getting a rabies injection straight away but six months later, when a neighbour of mine decided to adopt one of the dogs, they still hadn’t had their vaccination. The Romanian lady who had initially rescued this dog went to ROLDA to visit it and took some photos of it and another dog. When she sent me their photos I was horrified at how thin they had got. She hadn’t said anything because she was scared of Dana. The first dog is big and weighed about 45kg when she arrived at ROLDA. She was 20kg when she left and very food aggressive. As it happens she is with me now and very laid back about food so her aggression must have been caused by hunger. When I questioned Dana about how thin the dogs were I didn’t get a straight answer and she went on the attack immediately. The dog was also filthy when she arrived in the UK. These dogs were the lucky ones. They were in the small shelter and advertised for adoption.

    These were the ‘lucky’ dogs being advertised for adoption. I had sent ROLDA a lot of money over the years but stopped once we got the last of ‘our’ dogs out. I didn’t dare stop before in case Dana did something spiteful to the last dog, a real sweetie who is now the very much loved pet of a Dutch family.
    I never donated to Chrissy (Phillips of Romania Animal Aid as Dana Costin is claiming now). I sent the money straight to Dana, £100 a month for years. When I got Archie in 2008 I didn’t even know Chrissy and she sent him over with Robert Smith. The only money I sent to Chrissy was when I paid for her to bring my second dog across and I also paid £500 towards the travel for Zuzu, Tata and another dog. I ended up with Zuzu though she was elsewhere for 3 months and Tata stayed in Holland. I don’t count paying for transport as a donation.

    by Gill, Rescueme Romania

  19. Vanessa says:

    Vanessa Slack
    September 30, 2011 at 8:04 PM
    I am Vanessa (NessaMae)and you’ve used my TravelBlog on my volunteering experience at ROLDA. I just want to say that when I wrote the blog, I really cleaned it up and left a lot of stuff out. I was not ignorant or happy about what was going on, I cringed about the conditions every day; I just wrote it in a very good optimistic light because I have family following my blogs, I didn’t want to slander Dana without knowing the facts, and I really wanted to help the dogs. Now seeing that I am not alone with my suspicions while volunteering there and there is proof by others the dogs aren’t cared for, I am glad there are people who noticed this and started to act on it. I did find the conditions horrible and many horror stories on the way the dogs were treated and lots of things Dana said that just didn’t make sense. I am really a bit ashamed when I see my own blog at how naive I sound and I’m glad that through the good-lightened way I presented the facts that they can still be used to show the truth as the horrible death camp it was. I really had to grit my teeth and leave a lot of details out despite my better judgement. If me or my ROLDA volunteer companion “Step” can be of any help in any way, please please do not hesitate to contact me.

  20. kate says:

    What an evil bitch. She should be linched, what a wicked world we live in, people like this lowlife make it so much harder for the people who really care to raise money for animals. I hope this evil little scumbag rots in hell

  21. Jayne says:

    When I rescued my dog from Rolda, she arrived lame and ‘tagged’ by Dana at the ast last minute ‘aggressive’. This poor mite was just plain scared of humans. She loves dogs but was petrified of humans. Her leg had been broken and not treated and had set wrong, hence she arrived lame and walking on just 3 legs. Our vet x-rayed her and said, because of where the break was, that in her opinion, the leg had been snapped by a human. I don’t know when or how it happened. We took our dog to hydrotherapy and now, thankfully, she walks on all 4 legs but does sit the same as other dogs do. She is now a very happy girl who loves her siblings here and I love her to bits.

  22. after all this and picture why cant any thing be done to get this bitch out of there

  23. Carolyn Palmer says:

    This is disgusting, surely something can be done to help those poor dogs.

  24. Dana Costin, you have to stop being so selfish, so ignorant and so bad! These animals dont need your ”care”. Not this kind of ”good care” anyway. If youre not going to change your attitude about animals, you better make a god choise and LEAVE! Although… you might have one more chance. Open your eyes and heart, if you have something like this and you better get to work there!

  25. nicola macdonald says:

    This is disgraceful.She should be punished!!!

  26. cade says:

    Ich wünsche mir das diese Leute bestraft werden, wenn es schon nicht die Gesetze machen, dann sollen sie wenigstens irgendwelche bösartigen krankheiten bekommen.

  27. Margaret Durrance says:

    I wonder about the law there too. Exploitation of animals sickens me & I just can’t figure how she is still able to operate when there is such overwhelming evidence against her. All I can do is constantly warn against donations to this evil person.

  28. amy says:

    Are there any decent Romanian charities out there, as i really want to help the situation?

    • Nancy Janes says:

      Yes, there are a number of them. Please feel free to email me at and I can give you a list of charities that my USA based charity trusts and works with. Thanks for asking and for wanting the help the Romanian animals!

  29. Tony O'Callaghan says:

    Completely sickening!
    Anyone that allows animals to suffer like this while stealing the money needs hung!

  30. Jacqueline says:

    I would appreciate it if you would let me know when these photographs were taken. Is it the newer large shelter ?
    Thank you.

    • Nancy Janes says:

      Those photographs were taken by volunteers who came to help ROLDA in 2011 and I believe 2012. Yes this is the large shelter, the one that ArcelorMittal Steel pays for all expenses for at 230,000 – 250,000 Euro per year….yet the funds were not finding their way to help the dogs……

      • Jacqueline says:

        Nancy, thank you for your reply. Shocking to learn the photographs were so recent, although of course whether they were taken two or ten years ago isn’t the point. I expect my dear dog was living in these conditions at the large shelter in 2011.

  31. Liselotte, Swedish visitor summer -06 says:

    …and what if these dogs were left stray instead – would they have been any luckier? Is there the slightest possibility that these wounds, bad coats, etc., originate from a life in the streets..? No dog is treated overnight.

    • Honesty Integrity says:

      Hello Liselotte,
      Perhaps you are the same Liselotte that Mr. A was going to (or did) contact after Ms. Costin stole the 60,000 British Pounds from him? These photos are from a visitor to ROLDA that stayed for 5 weeks. At that time she was a ROLDA supporter, having been told by Ms. Costin that the reason animals were in poor condition was due to lack of funds (which was not true as ArcelorMittal was sponsoring all costs for 250,000 Euro per year……and Costin was also getting duplicate donations). Animals were not being fed properly or given pallets to sleep on or other comforts that had been donated to ROLDA (please see Vanessa Mae’s testimonial as well as Anja Stein’s, Chrissy Phillips, Mr. A, and more). In this expose’ you will also find where Ms. Costin herself denies that this is even her shelter, although the photos confirm differently. She stated that the shelter where these photos are from should be held accountable….and therefore this is what this expose’ has done. Held the ROLDA shelter and Dana Costin accountable.

  32. Catherine says:

    can someone tell me whether it is okay to send money to the shelter now? has it been fixed up and are the dogs being treated properly? if not, how do we change this as just to stop giving donations is not going to help them. Also if ArcelorMittal are paying all the expenses do they even need donations? Should i be giving my money to someone else? Does anyone have any answers yet? And how can we find out the truth and if Ms Costin is indeed a part of this cruelty, how do we ensure that someone else takes over and she is punished? Is anyone in contact with ArcelorMittal who i am sure don’t want to be giving money to somewhere that is clearly failing on many levels. I am very happy to assist with any of this if someone wants to work with me? Sorry for so many questions but i really want to help.

    • Honesty Integrity says:

      Catherine, ROLDA has financing from ArcelorMittal Steel corporation. They fully fund the large shelter, and according to witnesses the food purchased for the large shelter dogs is also used for the small shelter dogs. The cost ROLDA has to incur is for the payment of their one shelter worker at the adoption center….the adoption center takes dogs from the large shelter. This person’s salary is approximately 300 Euro per month.

  33. natasa says:

    How is this possible ?!? How any of the people who was deceived for years didnt saw that something is wrong there ?!? For God sake,thiis place look even worse then Pozega kill station in my country ! And this is suppoused to be Rescue centre !?!? Shame on you , greedy bastard ! And did this woman still doing what she did so far,I dont understand,how any of those poor dogs can be for adoption,scared,starved,probably never so the vet,this is the nightmare for any future adopters… I am really in shock ….

  34. Frances Hurst says:

    OMG,I really wanted to adopt a dog called Pepsi from Rolda. Despite numerous emails never got any responses and led to me believing they did not want that to happen – my emails began on 26th December 2014.

    • Neaty says:

      I am heartbroken to read this, I too was hopeful of rescuing Pepsi, Zina or Agnes but now I see why there has been no response to my emails. Those poor dogs.

  35. sadie says:

    this is so f…..g disgusting, i have just seen these pictures of these poor poor dogs. as like most people i thought dana was helping these poor dogs and giving them the food care and love that they so much need. i think she should be starved and beaten. i have also given quite a bit of money to rolda thinking i was making a small difference to these dogs lives thinking that they would get good food vet care and love. i would love to get my hands on her the bitch.i am a very big animal lover and these pictures sicken me and upset me very much. i will not give that cow another penny. these dogs are in no better place than they were. how can anyone treat these dogs like that, they have been through enough and now are still suffering and being abused in the hands of rolda, something should be done to stop dana and rolda. these pictures are nothing like what they have put on their f…..g website. so very upset and angry to see these dogs in such a terrible state

  36. Gill says:

    I adopted my Archie from there in 2008 and he was a bag of bones. My vet was horrified at his state when I took him in because he was unable to put his back left leg down. Dana said he must have banged it on the transport. He had an old injury which he would have had at ROLDA. I ended up with another dog – Zuzu – who had gone in weighing 40kg and left a year later weighing 18kg. Dana said her vet told her not to overfeed the dogs!

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