Mr. Remisz AMG letter

This exposé of the neglect and abuse of the animals reached the office of the manager at ArcelorMittal in Galati. Mr. Remisz assessed the shelter that ROLDA manages and realized that changes were needed. He never would have known of the problems had it not been for all of you who contributed information to this website. Thank you!

Now we need to try to get a monitor into the ArcelorMittal shelter managed by ROLDA on a regular basis to make certain that Dana Costin does not go back to her old ways. As has been proven time and time again, Dana will do as little as possible for the animals supposedly in her care if not monitored.

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  1. dave says:

    She should not be monitored, she should be on trial.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    It is now 2013 and do you know if improvements to the dogs welfare have been made? Also (probably my wishful thinking), is there an organisation that inspects the animal shelters in Romania and makes sure they are at a certain standard and the animals are fed and exercised regularly and have mental stimulation etc? Thank you.

    • Nancy Janes says:

      Hello Jacqueline,
      We believe that due to this expose’ improvements have been made. The dogs at the large shelter owned by ArcelorMittal Steel do not get out of their kennels for exercise. This has been an ongoing issue. They are now fed on a regular basis thanks to the testimonies of numerous people that forced Dana Costin to start feeding the dogs real food on a regular basis. There are no organizations that keep Romanian shelters up to EU or Western standards unfortunately.

  3. Bente Andersen says:

    Did you know who Elena Gabriel in Deva, Romania is? She had a shelter an started an event to help the dog Labuch. She got Money for the vet and fosterh. Now she said that she have no more Money and Labuch is back in the shelter again. She will have more Money but it feel that she put the Money in her own pocket. Can you help me and tell about her. Thank you
    Bente Andersen

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