Resurrection of the Great Rolda Donor List Con

We have now witnessed the two favourite cons of Rolda be resurrected. The first was The fraudulent land appeal con, now we see another of Roldas old favourites ” How to increase your donor list con”

Have you ever wondered how you ended up on a ROLDA mailing list?  Well, have you ever signed a “heartfelt” petition…perhaps under the heading “Save Romania Strays”?  That’s how Dana Costin got your  information.  Her petitions are a lure to get in more unsuspecting donors.

Most organisations build their mailing list over time, the normal honest way is when people click on the button to be added to your newsletter etc…But we are talking about Dana Costin here, she doesnt do things the honest way!

The Donor List Con  – This works in two ways to the benefit only of Rolda but to the detriment of the web user.

1st- ROLDA (Dana Costin) creates an online petition in relation to an awful event that has recently taken place.

2nd – ROLDA (Dana Costin) adds just enough text to get the reader interested and then add a “read more” link, the reader then has two choices. They will either hit the read more link or sign the petition, for Rolda its a win win situation.  Here’s how:

Choice 1: Read more – If they choose the “read more” link, instead of being redirected to further    information about the story, the the reader is redirected to the ROLDA site; staring them in the face are lots of ROLDA appeals for them to donate to.

Choice 2: Sign the petition –  Because the text gives a rough idea what the story is about, the reader at this point should be infuriated enough to sign the petition. This will include logging your own name and also your email. This will then be collated along with the others who have signed and before you know it, you will be receiving nice little newsletters with appeals from Rolda.

Click the read more link from the Rolda petition below and see where it takes you.

Title of petition matters – Now please look at the title of the petition , Sterilise street dogs. When you click the”Read More” link coincidentally enough the Rolda page you land on is asking you to donate towards sterilisation. But the NGO in that area have not been asked if Rolda can raise money on their behalf, in fact by their response they knew nothing about this. They have asked ROLDA not to get involved.

Anda Popescu of Moreni NGO to Dana Costin on Facebook – “hi. please stop the petition regarding Moreni and the spayings from Moreni. i know u will never help us with that. the project “my dog” has nothing to do with u, it is a legal organization, that has nothing to do with Rolda and it never will. i never asked you for your help and please don’t waste ur time on us, i am sure u are busy. i don’t appreciate the fact that u use our tragedy to raise attention on yourself and on your organization. so, please stop that petition”.

Learn more about how people use petitions to scam:

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  1. Anja Stein says:

    That fits exactly what I´ve told before: ROLDA uses other charities or shelters to suggest potential donors as if it had a sense of community and be a team player. Than the shelter (in this special case I would like to tell you the name, because it´s a really, really worth supporting shelter “Fiducia”, Reghin) gets food or money or help with adoptions. This event is strikingly illustrated on ROLDA website and in Facebook and suggests this shelter/organization is supported by ROLDA. But mostly it is an unique event, but used forever as advertising for ROLDA. That ROLDA maybe damages the chance to get support from donors, sponsors or volunteers by suggesting readers they have enough support, ROLDA accepts.
    Because of the Petition “Thank you, ArcelorMittal Galati”: In June 2011 I adviced ROLDA to start a petition to say “Thank you, AMG” for increasing their generousity. But she found excuses not to do. Now, when ROLDA had to admit, that AMG was building the Large Shelter and is paying for “their” 500+ dogs she does.
    What I have to ask: Has ROLDA representants and supporters known about this deal with AMG? Probably, because how else is it to explain that they continue to support ROLDA? But why did they allow that ROLDA appeals for donations for 600 dogs? And this since 2007!
    So, what is this petition worth? Maybe as much as VetiMed, Dr. Gingarasu´s testimonial about ROLDA on ROLDA website? Flaw on this testimonial is: Dr. Gingarasu is “working” since years with and for ROLDA and therefore I´m afraid he has his own reasons to write a testimonial PRO ROLDA.

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