My Experience with ROLDA…….in Honor of My Beloved Staso, by Sissel

“My Experience with ROLDA…….in Honor of My Beloved Staso:

To get to where I am today has taken me a long time – partly because I was not certain about what was the right thing to do; to ignore the madness, not mention it or to confront it by defending myself as well as my own reactions/actions.
Today,many months after all the commotion, I have arrived at the following conclusion : I WILL BE DARNED IF I WILL LET SLANDERING ABOUT MY OWN PERSON STAND UNANSWERED ! I actually feel a need to tell what is and was the truth about the following :

I was a very devoted and loyal Rolda-supporter when I first entered the stray dog environment in Norway. I donated money and even adopted the sweetest two girls in the world; Sweet and Tara. Months after this,things began to “pop” up that made me wonder…….no, I am not the kind of person who will “buy” anything they read on the internet, whether it concerns Rolda or others. I am a person who seeks the truth, regardless of who is involved.

These incidents are all out of place and rude invasions of my private life from the part of Rolda,Romania……: I was told to delete this or that person from my friends list, amongst other things— I was actually given a brain and can think for myself,in spite of having passed the age of 50, thank you !  I had enough when I was told that our adoption of Staso (see photos of Staso attached)  was not looked upon favorably by Rolda,Romania….actually it`s leader expressed anger because of this.Which “animal lover” would do such a thing ? NOT ONE!!!!!!!!

Yes, I have stored these messages received on my inbox from the “leader” of Rolda,Norway – this person is actually the one who told me about this and who herself speaks very unfavorably about the leader of Rolda,Romania. This went on for a long time and expressed in many messages. At first, all the comments about our adoption of Staso just made me incredibly sad. This poor dog who had endured such sufferings and lived through such torments out on the streets………he had ZERO VALUE because he did not come from the ” right shelter/org “! THAT told me all I needed to know about what kind of person I was dealing with! I can be patient, but enough was enough and I closed down all contact with Rolda,Romania after this.

I truly believe that anyone with some common sence would have done exactly the same – one who despices someone that you love more than anything is NOT someone you would like to invite to dinner! This choice was my private choice – and I saw no reason to share that in public. Form then on and for months ahead, the leader of Rolda,Romania, enters my friends list under a fake name…..there is no limit to this childishness !

When I chose to start the group “Animals with special needs ” ,it was based both on my love and care for stray dogs with special needs , as well as a promise I made when we adopted Staso : I wanted to give something back to Life which had given us this beautiful being. My way to give something back , was to start this group BUT I was 100 % certain of that I would there receive a request from Rolda to become a member of the group. Because of this, I decided to address this issue within the group from the very beginning, by stating that Rolda was unwanted in this group. The main reason was simply this; I do not want anyone in the group who are not truly animal lovers……THEN the circus began,mostly started by a few totally loyal Rolda-supporters in Norway, including the leader there :

Firstly, a blind Rolda-dog was posted on my group, SOMETHING I DID NOT REACT TO AT ALL….. I could have deleted it,but I didn`t. That was done by an angry Rolda-supporter….after first having posted stories,conclusions,lies……..stating that I should have persuaded an english lady not to adopt this blind dog. That is about as far from the truth you can get !!!! I know this english lady very well and I had known her a long time before I started this group. I knew she was a passionate oppononent to Rolda and belonged to an environment that accuses Rolda of corruption amongts other things………and this is as far as I will go when it comes to elaborating or expressing my personal views on this further. At first,she wanted to adopt this dog. A day/somedays later,she discovers that this is actually a Rolda,Norway-dog. I then recieve a mail from her where she expresses her distress over this situation.She wants to withdraw the adoption and asks for my advice. My answer was that I would would support her , regardless of whether she would choose to withdraw from the mentioned adoption – or not.This was all that was exchanged about this matter ,( I have stored these mails too).

THEN the circus takes off completely: R-supporter reports back to Rolda-groups with ridiculous lies about how I had ruined everything for that poor,blind dog and that it would not be adopted anyway. An ongoing stream of ugly messages are left in my inbox, both from the leader of Rolda,Norway,as well as form Rolda-supporters…… no THIS became really ugly – I even received rude threats…I should have reported this ,but I was so devastated,that all I could do was to try to remain standing on my two feet to be able to BE for our dogs. Finally,all their back-stabbings and lies pulled me down to rock bottom for a period of time…..I am fully aware of what kind of statements you put out there in these groups and I know exactly who you are……..what hit me the hardest,was that these ugly statements were made by a few that I considered to be friends – not just someone filling up my friends list. “Ohhhh, who thought that Sissel was a kind person !”
Is there really so little self-confidence out there going around – that people have to tell each other who to like and not like?? Copies of all of that was going on in these groups was sent to me -both from domestic , as well as foreign animal lovers. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! You will remain anonymous! I don`t know how I would have survived this “rat race” without you! .

As a comment to all that I was put through,a person from Rolda,Norway stated: “she”,(meaning me), took it all a bit personal….Really??How else could I have reacted to such nasty comments about myself,if not personal??? RIDICOLOUS !!!

As a result of all this, I will now block a few people – not from cowardice – but from self-preservation and to protect myself from eventual threats……now,that is said.
I know there are still bad apples on my friends’ list, so they will surely copy this: for whom it concerns; hope this gives you all some “good read” – enjoy – and suck on your own superiority! But really, I would prefer that these bad apples would remove themselves from my friends list, I am talking 3 – 4 persons here.
I needed to let all this out, both for my own well-being, but also to explain why I actually have been both scared and frightened away from wanting to participate in Norwegian groups much anymore.. Pity. It should not be this way……but once you have been attacked and hurt bad enough, I guess it is a natural reaction to find it harder to know whether the person you choose to trust, really is trustworthy- or not.I have had my say Finally!!!



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  1. Anja Stein says:

    Unbelievable, but not surprisingly! ROLDA seems to be a sect! If you don´t agree totally with ROLDA, they try to change your mind – with more or less “nice” methods. The inconsistencies at ROLDA are only visible for the ROLDA representatives – but they won´t recognize. In contrary, they are helping with concealing and diversions to other shelters and organizations. POOH!

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Sissel, what happened to the blind dog? Surely the women who was going to adopt him should have put her feelings aside about which animal organisation he came from. That’s not the important part, the dear dog is the only priority, and if any animal needed help it was him. Having made a decision to adopt him how could she walk away leaving him to his desperate plight. I just hope the dear dog has been helped.

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