merritt clifton defending ROLDA’s vile actions

merritt clifton defending ROLDA's vile actions

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  1. Oscar says:

    In 2006 (at this time Nancy Janes and Dana Costin worked together) a US film crew contacted Nancy Janes expressing an interest in making a documentary exposing the tragic situation of Romanian street dogs. Nancy Janes began preparations with the film makers on this end, setting up the trip to Romania and planning for the film. In Romania, Dana Costin agreed to arrange reception,transportation, hire translators, notify the press, arrange publicity etc. Nancy Janes deposited funds for this purpose into their mutual charity account and Dana Costin assured Nancy Janes that all preparations had been made. However, when the group arrived in Romania nothing had been done. There was no reception or transportation. There were no translators, no press. In addition, Dana Costin did not even show up herself. The monies Nancy Janes had wired to the account(and that Dana Costin had withdrawn)for this purpose were never accounted for.
    The attached email is correspondance between Merritt Clifton (Animal People) and Nancy Janes upon the group’s arrival in Romania. It expresses Nancy’s disappointment and shock in Dana’s failures and a dawning understanding of the truth of Dana’s character (Nancy Janes had seen Dana Costin exhibit questionable behavior before, but had rationalized it as misunderstandings,language or cultural differences).
    Merritt Clifton’s attempts to justify Dana Costin’s behavior/theft of funds provokes doubt in this once respected man’s credibility.
    Romanian street dogs are living tormented lives and good people are donating hard earned money to help and call attention to the problem. The concocted defense of Dana Costin that Merritt Clifton proposes in this email is a betrayal of these good people, many of whom trust him and Animal People completely.

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