2011 : The person behind the masque :How Rolda ( aka Dana Costin) harasses a mother about her disabled child .

After Kendra demanded Dana take down from a public website the photo she stole from a private photo album of her young son, Kendra  recieved harassing and threatening messages, showing the true nature of Dana Costin and her view’s on children with disabilities. Keep in mind that the most vulnerable in our world and in need of our care , are children and animals. When Dana Costin views  children with extra needs in this way,it puts all the witnesses to her physical abuse of the vulnerable animals in a terrifying perspective………

We are sorry that  what you are about to read is  shocking and offensive, but we find it necessary to include this in order to reveal the person behind the masque of  “love” for the weaker.
















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  1. mandy easter says:

    Just read these comments……words fail me Kendra….what a monstrous human being Dana Costin is!!!

  2. Jayne says:

    How can anybody write such filth? Certainly no animal lover would ever write anything so abhorent as this! Words fail me!

  3. Maria says:

    What a vile sad excuse of a human being! Kendra, you are not a bad person or mother, if anything I admire you and the hardships you and your child have to go through everyday, you should be praised, not penalized! Words really fail me on this, I only just came across this shelter from a post on facebook, and I can’t believe what I am reading. The dogs, was shocking to say the very least but this is just absolutely vile and disgusting! Who is she to judge? Is this woman being monitored or investigated by any government body? She needs to be locked up!

  4. Ewa says:

    NOW I lost all faith in human being 🙁 THIS was the worse I ever saw in my whole life. Kendra <3

  5. alina petrovici says:

    this woman(rolda)it’s lame excuse of a human being, Kendra, what you are doing is just wonderful and you are a fighter and a strong woman, don’t let this to get you down, there are so many of us who appreciates you…a woman with so much hatred in her cannot be a genuine animal lover…

  6. Teresa says:

    What a disgusting sorry excuse for a human being that woman is. Sick and twisted and full of hate. What hope is there for the poor dogs in her care if she thinks these things about a child.She needs to be put down ASAP!

  7. Catherine says:


    Where is the copy of Facebook that was here with all the comments of Dana Costin ? I’m in Switzerland where Rolda has now a swiss Rolda association and I wanted to show this to people. Thank you.
    They are collecting a lot of money here for Rolda !

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