The Vampire Ball raises funds for Rolda

Not only does Dana take credit when she wants to for the expense and cost of the large shelter,but she also takes credit for building it, as can be seen here on this page The Vampire ball organised by Shannon McCabe

Now Shannon McCabe has been made aware that the large shelter was built and maintained by Arcelor Mittal, yet Shannon still allows the following statement on her own site.





Since 2003, two strays rescue centers were built from ground and administrated; one was evaluated in
2004 among others 17 and chosen the best shelter from Eastern Europe*; since than we continuously gain experience to improve dogs sheltering conditions.
The second rescue center accommodates 600 strays from Mittal steel plant.

*given best shelter rating by Merritt Clifton, ROLDA US Trustee…..

1) “Thank you Rolda and its supporters two stray rescue centres were built” This is giving the impression that Rolda funded both projects. As we have stated this is untrue.

2) “The second rescue centre accomodates 600 strays from Mittal steel plant” . This sentence makes the donors believe their donations will fund the 600+ large shelter.

So questions have to be asked:

  • Why would a Rolda paid promoter and fundraiser such as Ms McCabe who has been given the evidence and therefore must know full well the paragraph is untrue and deliberately misleads donors, allow it on her site?
  • Unlike many of Roldas donors, Ms McCabe has been told information about ROLDA’s thefts as well as been sent the website proof of ROLDA’s thefts.  So why would she allow such a paragraph that not only promotes her own Vampire ball, but a fraudulent charity such as Rolda?
  •  Interestingly enough Shannon McCabe receives money from Rolda for her promotion work for them…Whether this is for just her expenses or as a wage it is unclear. But Ms McCabe certainly is on Roldas payroll in one form or another.

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  1. Siri says:

    Is there any documentation that this Shannon is on Rolda’s payroll?

    Often the fear of losing face because you have supported and promoted the “wrong” person/organization, is a far stronger incentive to keep supporting and promoting, than actual money. Especially for relatively affluent people, which I would assume that Shannon is (this is of course only my assumption). Think this is especially true for those who not only support but also get lots of other people to support and donate, unwillingly they in a sense become partners in the con, and I would think it is a big step to admit to this. If they are somehow allowed to make admissions and change their minds without totally losing face, I think this would be the most constructive way to go.

    Just my thoughts 🙂

  2. Siri says:

    WOW!!! Any other countries where money has been spent on volunteer recruitment and educational work? I honestly didn’t realize that Rolda was paying people to help them …

  3. Nancy Janes says:

    Thank you Shannon for removing the false information from your website about ROLDA building 2 shelters.

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