The treatment of local people and their pets, from a rescuer in Galati

From Daniela Paun, Galati:

About Dana Costin… Before I moved to the countryside, I was living in the city- going to feed some packs of strays in Filesti- a place close to the plant. There were always many puppies there that would die of parvo and so I wrote to Dana Costin an sms on the cell phone and sent her many emails, private messages on forums, many messages… I would ask her to help me neuter these dogs but she never ever bothered to reply, not even once. It would have made sense for Dana Costin to take care of these dogs, as they were dogs from the plant and, as far as I know, she has received loads of money from the Indian person – the plant manager.
About a month ago, an acquaintance of mine with several animals called me crying as one of her cats’ skin and eyes had turned greed. She did not have money to go to the vet and so I encouraged this friend to call Dana Costin to ask for help. She called for 2 days continuously, from early morning until late in the evening, and in the end Dana told her she could only help with neutering. Days after the cat died, this woman called her again for many times, telling Dana she had 2 female dogs that needed neutering. My friend then called Dr Gingarasu who told her he’s not doing neutering anymore; then called again to Costin, and then yet again Gingarasu, and in the end she was told to bring in the female dogs. These 2 female dogs are not her own, but they live on her street and she feeds them. One of the 2 dog bitches is really wild and the lady cannot catch her, and so she asked the doctor to allow her a few more extra days to catch the dog. In a few days, she went to the vet only with the tamed dog bitch but the doctor did not want to spay her. It’s not the first time this is happening from my own experience: Dana Costin would tell you to go to the vet, and the vet tell you he won’t neuter. It’s probably an understanding between Dana and vet.

A while back ago, someone in Galati said that Rolda only had 20 dogs – and even these were skinny. I told this person that it must be a lie- that I could not believe Rolda would only have 20 dogs. Dana Costin thought I was on her side and called me on the phone to ask me who this person was- it was a person who had left her 2 dogs she did not have in her care anymore.  Then Dana Costin dared to write on my FB page, to ask me why people were against her, as if I were her accountant and I knew of al lthe money she has received. She’d probably want to befriend me, but I am not too keen on it. When I really needed her help, she never bothered to reply. I wrote to her back then messages, that I would help her in her work with animals, and for her to help me in return with neutering surgeries. But she probably did not want anyone too close to her. Here in our area, Rolda is known mostly as a pension per pay.


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