Desperate for an Affiliate

Dana Costin and her USA representative Shannon McCabe like to pretend they are a highly regarded charity by latching on to good charities such as Global Giving and now Placer SPCA (Sacramento CA area) who want no part of ROLDA. Recently, Shannon McCabe started a fundraiser for ROLDA stating “50% of funds will go to ROLDA, and 50% will go to Placer SPCA”. Only problem was Placer SPCA knew nothing of this event. Once alerted that they were being connected to ROLDA, Placer SPCA administrators contacted Shannon McCabe and told her they wanted no part of this event. Having been booted by Placer SPCA, Shannon found another unsuspecting local charity, this one a breast cancer charity. Please see the posters that had to be changed:

Poster with “Placer SPCA” affiliation:
placer county spca

Poster with “Albie Carson Breast Cancer Foundation” affiliation:

new rolda poster

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  1. Susan Jasper says:

    This is also a way for Dana Costin to try to get SPCA donors. Not unlike when she was invited to attend a training seminar at Mayhew Animal Home in 2006. Dana Costin asked to use their computer and stole their donor list.

  2. Sarah says:

    Why are we not surprised. Those of us here in Sacramento wonder about Shannon. She goes from one thing to another. Hoping to get some kind if fame and fortune.

  3. Nancy Janes says:

    Shannon McCabe has quit working with ROLDA.

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