ROLDA’s “Who Really Hurts Romania Dogs” Slanderous Site

Dana’s latest slanderous blog

In this blog you can see that Dana Costin accused Nancy Janes and Romania Animal Rescue of not going to Ficucia shelter to provide free spay neuter for the dogs.  Romania Animal Rescue spayed/neutered 144 dogs at Fiducia, free of charge on September 5 and 6.

Please see the document from the Judicial Ministry of Romania.   You can see that the first paragraph of this letter has deliberately been covered by Dana Costin.   What is Dana Costin covering up so that you will not see this information?   Possibly that Livia Brenner has had the legal Power of Attorney for RARF since its inception?  Nancy Janes resigned from RARF in August of 2010.   The letter of resignation was mailed and received by Livia Brenner, the legal representative of RARF.   Romania Animal Rescue and RARF had a difference of opinion in what the priorities for the charities works would be.  RAR wanted to do more spay/neuter, while RARF wanted to do more adoptions.

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