ROLDA sends a spy to secretly tape record at ICAWC

In 2011, a number of animal welfare people gathered at the International Companion Animal Welfare Conference in Riga, Latvia.  On topic to be discussed were ways to help animals, primarily in Eastern Europe.  This is an annual event organized by Dog’s Trust UK and other sponsors.  It was at this conference that a young man, pictured below, calling himself “Vlad”, began asking numerous Romanians and Romanian charity supporters about ROLDA.   Vlad claimed to be representing a Russian businessman who was searching to invest in an animal shelter in Romania.  Vlad approached the Romanian  animal welfare people asking questions about ROLDA.  It soon was realized by all that this man was in fact a spy sent by ROLDA to ask questions……why would Dana Costin send a spy, instead of coming herself to a conference?  In addition to this, Vlad secretly tape recorded the persons he was talking to….illegally recording conversations.

In order to prove this, we have also uploaded a letter that was sent to Otilia Pana of Animal Life charity, Sibiu.  This letter, sent from the ROLDA attorneys in Galati, Romania, was sent to Ms. Pana to threaten and intimidate her for speaking out against ROLDA…..speaking out to a spy who secretly tape recorded their conversations.

Now please see this recent statement on the ROLDA Facebook pages and on Dana Costin’s Facebook page…..from July 12,  2013.

“Dana Costin Rolda

July 12 near Galati, Romania.

The last ICAWC where a ROLDA representative gone, was in Budapest. This happened 4 years ago. There were lots of things that kept us more close to the shelter activities. Now, for 2013 some representatives of ROLDA from different countries will meet at ICAWC held in Barcelona, in October month. I make this announcement now maybe some of you would also like to come and meet ROLDA people there.”

Notice Ms. Costin claims no representative from ROLDA has been to an ICAWC in 4 years.   Once again, caught in another lie.  And it begs to ask, Dana Costin…….whose donation was used to send Vlad to spy on innocent people?

This is the ROLDA spy from the Companion Animal Welfare Conference

This is the ROLDA spy from the Companion Animal Welfare Conference

Letter to threaten and intimidate Romanians for speaking up to the spy about ROLDAotilia[1]

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  1. Nancy Janes says:

    I was one of the many people this man (boy) approached. We all were giggling about the complete silliness of it all…until letters started arriving at the homes of Romanians who spoke to Vlad. He didn’t register for the conference either….Dog’s Trust is owed his registration and dinner fee as well, as he snuck into the conference without registering. The rest of us paid.

  2. Otilia Pana says:

    After I received Dana´s attorneys letter, I wrote them an email asking what this was about.
    Dana answered via email, writing me some things I supposedly said. I have told some stories I knew, but not with the words she sent me (they were sent as quotes). So I asked her to prove I said those thigns, as I did not use those words and did not expose all those ideas. There was no more answer, the story died.

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