Dana Costin asks for $30,000 for 3000-4000 trees for the ArcelorMittal shelter dogs, yet…

Well the year is 2014 and it seems as though Ms Costin may be at it again. Some of you may recall in early 2014 ROLDA submitted photos of huge snow drifts at the ArcelorMittal funded shelter that they manage. (See details) Dana Costin sent out pleas for donations for up to 4000 trees to be planted as a protective barrier, at the cost of $30,000.   And donations were sent for these trees to be purchased.

Now let us introduce you to the ArcelorMittal project that began in 2008. ArcelorMittal pays for all costs for the shelter that ROLDA manages to keep the dogs off their factory grounds, according to Ms. Costin’s own statement. According to a document on the ArcelorMittal website, their plan is to plant 1,000,000 trees of different variety on the factory grounds of ArcelorMittal and local vicinity. Sound familiar? The so-called “ROLDA large shelter” just happens to be located here as well.

This plan by ArcelorMittal corporation was to take five years or so to come to fruition. This timing coincides with Ms. Costin’s “plant a tree for the large ROLDA shelter” program for the dogs, despite ArcelorMittal steel company providing all of the funding. Could Dana Costin once again be asking for duplicate donations for trees that were already provided to her for free from ArcelorMittal’s program? Once again pocketing duplicate donations for projects that ArcelorMittal Steel company already funded from her loyal supporters?

Below are screenshots of the pleas and trees from ROLDA:



ROLDA Pleas for Trees

ROLDA Pleas for Trees

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