2007 : Fraudulent land deal and over $97,100.00 of donation money into Dana Costin`s private pocket – under the pretence of purchasing land for the stray dogs.

Another victim of Dana Costin’s fraudulent activity was a british businessman and  animal lover donator who we will call ” Mr. A ” for privacy purposes. He believed he was helping the dogs when he donated $98.484.00 . Dana Costin  told him she would be buying land on which to build a shelter for the dogs.   Dana Costin in actual fact spent just about $1,312  buying a cheap piece of land from her boyfriend. And the remaining $97,172.00 ? The dogs would never get to see a penny of that money which never appeared on the 2006 audit.

Dana Costin pockets $97,172.00 of the dogs money.

  1. Mr A’s correspondence to his lawyer as he realises he has been a victim of a scam
  2. Mr A’s lawyer writes to Dana Costin
  3. Mr A’s visit to Veronica Former Rolda UK representative
  4. Mr A voicing his concerns to yet another Rolda supporter
  5. Rolda 2006 Audit
  6. Statement of Actual Land Purchase for $1,312
  7. Dana’s reaction to people warning them not to mention the land fraud deal




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  1. Jayne Nicholson says:

    This is unbelievable. I can hardly believe what I am reading. Can I get a refund for my contributions and then forward it to a proper animal charity?!

  2. Janine says:

    Omg I cannot believe the levels this evil greedy b***h has gone to, to scam people out of all of this money. Shame on you Dana Costin. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND… Karma bites when you lease expect it!
    Those dogs deserved better and you even took that chance away from them! My god! You ought to be totally ashamed of yourself.

    • Jayne Nicholson says:

      No, I’m in the UK. I did give a monetary donation via paypal but my other donations were all things for the dogs, on Chrissy’s advice,ie. blankets, dog coats, collars and leads, toys, biscuits, dog food and chocolates/biscuits for the workers.

  3. Nancy Janes says:

    Please see my testimonial and the bank statements that show that Dana Costin did have income in early 2006 from Romania Animal Rescue, income that she never claimed on her “audit”. Of course she doesn’t claim it….she stole it.

  4. Nancy Janes says:

    and no mention of the income from Mr. A whatsoever. Where did HIS donation go?

  5. Nancy Janes says:

    and finally, Tudor Ciprian, the man
    Dana told Mr. A to send the funds for the purchase of the land to, is Dana Costin’s boyfriend. He is also the person who sent the email to the Botosani DSV to sabotage the spay/neuter of 1000 dogs in 2012 with Romania Animal Rescue for the charity ADOR. Dana Costin hates ADOR because they have taken many of her donors away.

  6. Nancy Janes says:

    This link explains alot about con artists… they operate, why it is so hard to prosecute them…..

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