2005, 2006 : Cut off receipts to hide spay/neuter – funds spent for personal shopping.

In 2005, Nancy Janes hired a translator, Ralu, who lived in Galati to collect and translate the receipts being submitted for expenditure accountability of the RAR donations to ROLDA.

It was at this time that Dana Costin stopped shopping as much at Metro (could not cut-off the receipts from there…) and submitted these receipts to justify her expenditures.  Only the amount of money spent is listed – the products purchased have been deliberately cut-off by Dana Costin. Dana Costin wrote on the back of these receipts descriptions such as “shelter food”, “dog treats” etc.  Why were the lists of products removed so that the Romanian translator could not read them ?  Because Dana Costin used the funds, once again, for her personal shopping – always at the expense of the dogs. These funds were to go towards spay/neuter of the street dogs in Galati – but Dana Costin chose to keep the money for herself.  Please double click for a closer view of the receipts.

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  1. Nancy Janes says:

    Please note this is just a sampling of the hundreds of receipts that Dana Costin of ROLDA submitted for payment to Romania Animal Rescue – having cut off the lists of items purchased so that RAR could not see what she bought….
    These, along with hundreds of other receipts were submitted to RAR to justify the funds ROLDA took out of the Romania Animal Rescue bank account with an ATM card in Romania

  2. dave says:

    With all the evidence, Why is this person not prosecuted?

  3. Sue Holms says:

    and I just saw this page here with all the other receipts from Metro….my word…..this woman really took those donations for granted and used them for herself, not for the dogs! Horrible !

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