Dana Costin aka Rolda statement

Written on:June 13, 2012
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Dana Costin aka Rolda statement

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  1. Anja Stein says:

    Great! Dana Costin as it´s best!
    First she encourages her partner to send this defamatory e-mail and yet she is still afraid of her own courage and tries to deny.
    Secondly she makes statements entirely without any factual basis: “It seems that complaints about RAR team were sent in other towns too.” Is it just a guess and protective claim? Or does she KNOW, because her partner sent this e-mail also to other authorities in other cities? Who would give such information? Whatever the case, in both cases her participation is essential!
    Thirdly she gives a false color by claiming: „Many people know the abuses committed by RAR against ROLDA dogs, . . .“ The primary goal of our efforts is, that the romanian dogs are actually will be the sole beneficiaries of the money. And not that the biggest part of the donations flowing into private pockets or into dark channels and are lost for the animals. Who actually hurts the romanian dogs we see in this action!
    ROLDA likes to have court trials! There is no year in the last years without any trial! Now she is taking three Romanians to court for their statements about ROLDA or Dana Costin´s strategies, thefts, animal abuses, threats and lies. Why the hell should three persons tell similar facts to us, almost strange persons from abroad? They are not on our paylist, we are not bribing them, we have no contract with them – what I want to say: They have no advantage by talking with us and telling us their experiences with ROLDA and Dana Costin. All three persons are not having enough money to hire a lawyer, and ROLDA knows – but ROLDA has obviously enough money for all the trials during the last years. Well, Mr. Cenac got support from Nancy Janes by feeding his dogs when ROLDA / Dana Costin decided “over night” not to pay as promised for the next food shipments. But that´s years ago, so why should Mr. Cenac hold on to his story about 22 puppies brought by Dana Costin to his shelter, because they were terminally ill and infected a lot of his own and very be-loved pets? Etc. etc. etc.

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