Rolda deliberately sabotages Botosani spayathon – Who really hurts Romanian strays?

Written on:June 13, 2012
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This time last year as we are sure the majority of you will remember, 230 dogs from the public shelter of Botosani were brutally masacred in the most barbaric of ways.





RAR (Romania Animal Rescue) were determined to help stop this happening again by organising and funding a spayathon that would last for nearly 2 weeks May 18th – 30th, with 1,000 strays planned to be sterilised, stopping the future victims of the dog catchers from ever being born.

ADOR, the animal welfare charity in Botosani, and Romania Animal Rescue summoned masses of support with more than enough dogs available to fulfill their goal and safeguard litteraly thousands of others becoming the new victims of Botosani. A fitting tribute to the 230 that lost their lives the year previously.

On the 18th May everything began as planned, clean blankets and attendants for the dogs were there to ensure whilst recovering from the operation they would also be treated with flea and tick treatments. In the UK and elsewhere fleas and ticks are irritants, in Romania they spread fatal diseases amongst the dog and cat population.




The spayathon so far was a huge success, by the 3rd day 167 dogs had been sterilised and treated with flea and tick treatments. Then came a shocking blow, the DSV had received a complaint by email about ADOR’s spayathon, attached to this email were photographs taken from the ADOR facebook page. Wholly untrue claims were made and the DSV unfortunately were under obligation because of this complaint to shut the whole event down.

It was known that the email was sent by someone in the area of Galati, the email and also the English translation can be viewed by clicking below:

Complaint to Botosani DSV

English translation of complaint sent to Botosani DSV

Interestingly rather than the usual “its all lies” defence mode she uses to any suggestion of her being less than angelic, Dana Costin of Rolda immediately put out the following statement on her Facebook page: Dana Costin aka Rolda statement

  • ROLDA charity or its president didn’t sent any letter to DSV Botosani to complain about the conditions in which this program is performed, – This is wholly untrue, as can be seen by the email address that the complaint was sent from. Tudor Ciprian is Dana Costin’s longtime boyfriend and partner since 2005 when Rolando Cepraga died.  According to Mr. Cenac’s statement in the video,Tudor Ciprian quit working at the chemical plant where he was employed in 2005 and began working with ROLDA.  Tudor Ciprian is the same person who was part of the fraudulent land deal that Dana and he organised Land purchase document ( Click here to read full story about this land deal scam)


  • It is sad that dogs are suffering as a result of this war between people – Could not agree more Dana, however, it is only you and no one else that is using the strategy to actually hurt the strays to get back at who you deem as your enemy.



Just so the reader can get an idea of the gravity of the situation, for every breeding pair, between them and their offspring an estimated 67,000 unwanted births can be had. RAR and ADOR were deliberately stopped from spaying and neutering 1,000 dogs, that is potentially 500 pairs of dogs. Only being able to complete 167 spays and neuters in the time before the spayathon was stopped because of this complaint that Tudor Ciprian  sent to the DSV.


The real cost to the animals:

Although most will die shortly after birth from diseases, starvation, car accidents, poisonings, and the like, this is what statistics show as the potential birth rate. Not exactly a fitting tribute for the 230 dogs who gave their lives that raised awareness of the strays plight in that region.

The mayor of Botosani gave the order for 230 dogs lives to be taken, in comparison to what has happened here…Well, words escape us…..

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  1. Alwine says:

    When will people open their eyes, and see what Dana Costin and her organisation Rolda is???

    She is the devil himself!!!
    Of course she don’t like what RAR is doing!!
    No strays, no money for her!!!

  2. Nancy Janes says:

    Only vet techs and vets administered injections of anesthesia and antibiotics. No vets from abroad participated in this event. We only had highly skilled Romanian vets, working in sterile conditions. No animals died. It was an amazing event that could have done amazing things had it not been sabotaged.
    Yes, clean blankets that had been shipped from the USA were used so the animals would not have to lie on the concrete floor. This is not breaking any laws. When the DSV came to inspect, it was our day off, so there was nothing for them to see, yet they told the manager of the clinic that they would close his clinic if we did not stop our work there. Since there was no way for the DSV inspectors to see our work as we had the day off, this event was stopped entirely due to the false accusations filed in the complaint.

  3. mandy easter says:

    Disgusting behaviour from a woman who is in charge of hundreds of vulnerable dogs….shame on you Dana Costin!!The laws of Karma dictate that you will never be free of this…I truly believe you are evil…as you would HAVE to be to instigate something like this!!!

    No caring animal lover could do such a thing to harm the dogs…

  4. alina says:

    What can be done against this abuse done by DSV and against the complainer? I know that a new spayathon will be organized in Botosani soon, but will you do something against this abuse?

    • Nancy Janes says:

      alina, “another spayathon will be organized in Botosani soon”? By who? I don’t think you understand how much time effort and money it takes to do an event such as this. I don’t know of any other charity that does “spayathons”.

  5. Jayne says:

    and still it goes on! Why oh why would anyone, supposedly there for our animals, do this? What is there to gain? Is it one-upmanship? It’s backfired terribly! But look at the cost! I just cannot understand the motives here, why? Why get involved in this? Why not just carry on running the shelter – turning a blind eye would have been far better than to email your support! I am disgusted, ashamed and so very sorry for these dogs and, as I suspect everyone seeing this blog will repost on their walls, this will backfire on you!

  6. disgusting dana costin i truly believe you are evil .

  7. Simone Riedijk says:

    She must really hate herself to act the way she does, treating vulnerable dogs so bad.
    Thank god,that there are a lot more people who have a hart and really want to solve the straydogs/cats problem.

    One word for this lady.


  8. Anne says:

    The pictures of operated dogs put together on the floor are disturbing. How is this hygienic and safe?



  10. I think there is only one word DEVIL for this crapbag,all that comes out of Rumania is crap,street beggers,thieves,crooks the minority of decent Rumanians must suffer at the hands of this corrupt Government.What a nation and they have been allowed to crawl into the E.U a member of society on paper but in reality we have absolutly no respect for a land that is living in the middle ages.Shamefull!

  11. Nancy Janes says:

    Hi Anne,
    I am glad you asked this question!
    Where would you have us put the dogs please? The blankets were new, sent from the USA months ago for this purpose. We need to have the dogs on blankets for two reasons:
    1. It keeps them off of the cold and not so clean floor (even tho the floor is mopped with disinfectant at the vet clinic)
    2. Often times when animals are under anesthesia they need to be covered with blankets to stay warm.
    It is actually the same procedure used at vet clinics all around the USA and I’m sure other areas of the civilized world. The dogs should not go into cages immediately after surgery because they need to be watched, have their gums checked, check to see if they are having any bad reactions or problems,be accessible to having their pulses taken, they need to have their breathing watched regularly, eye ointment if needed. If they are put in a cage the caretaker cannot see the animal to assess his/her condition. This is why putting them on blankets is the safest thing for the animals. The vets, techs and volunteers all have immediate access to the dogs this way and can follow their recovery process. We had the volunteers grooming the animals while they recovered as well, pulling ticks and applying de-parasiting products, cutting out burrs and knots in their coats so that for possibly the first time in their lives they would feel good and be parasite free for at least a month.

    The blankets were washed every night by ADOR staff. Blankets that were soiled with urine or feces were thrown away. Blankets that had been subjected to dogs with mange were also thrown away.

  12. mandy easter says:

    Even in a human Theatre Recovery Room Anne…the environment does NOT have to be a STERILE one…just clean!

  13. Alwine says:

    Well Anne,
    Have you seen the public shelter in Botosani?
    There lie fine, soft beds for the dogs, every day crops, plenty of food and drink every day to visit the vet, the dogs have it right in their hotel Do not make me laugh! Dogs die there in droves, on a hard cold ground, weather and wind, hot sun, almost no food or drink, no doctor to see unaided males and females together, and the mayor has banned all, of course, no dogs, no money!

  14. Otilia says:

    As Nancy was saying, there is no other way for doing this in Romania, we don´t have the means for doing it at those standards. There is no vet clinic in Sibiu for instance (and Sibiu is a quite large town), we only have very small veterinary offices and there´s no place to have the dogs treated after the surgery. As there are hundreds of animals who are spayed, there will be veeeeery few NGO´s in Romania who could provide a place to stay after the surgery for so many animals. None of the dogs we spayed had problems, they all got antibiotics and all the care we could provide (I am talking about our spayathon with RAR a few years ago) and everyone was perfectly healthy and fine. We were like 10 Animal Life members having over 80 dogs and 30 cats in our care, paying for everything with our own money (we don´t have sponsors for our NGO). The spayathon RAR organised to help us was what we´ve prayed for! Imagine all those animals, over 100, would have had their puppies and kittens… And there was no way we could afford paying for all that, we were barely feeding and vaccinating them all.
    I know you are probably used to other standards than we are, but you´ll have to see what it is like in Romania to understand why we´re doing it like this. There´s no other way. Unfortunately. And RAR has never done anything bad, I have never seen them harm any animal. On the contrary, they left their homes and came here to help all those animals, working for over 12 hours a day, risking to get bitten by ticks, fleas, not eating until late in the evening, not having a place to sit down… There are not many people in this world who would do that, but RAR never got scared of all this, they just mastered everything perfectly!

  15. Aurelian Stefan says:

    Dear Anne and to whom it may concern :
    Any RAR spayathon event consists of minimum 30 surgeries. We sometimes have requests for tumor removal or other special surgery from people that did not find cure at local veterinarian. The key in these kind of events are a professional vet team and vet techs and a very good local logistic in animals showing up for the surgery. As Dr Jeff Young From USA emphasized at the various ICAWC conference and workshops regarding spay and neuter projects :
    “the mass sterilisation projects need to have a very high surgical standards that allow a uneventful recovery and wound healing “. This was the case with our Botosani spayathon. We had our romanian vet team plus our experienced vet techs(one of them a registered vet nurse with 9 years experience ) that administered anesthesia and as you all know there was zero complication whatsoever.The volunteer team brushed matted dogs clipped nails and maybe most important offered a loving hug to dogs that never had this chance. In Botosani the location was a very nice veterinary practice and we organized the place for 70 + surgeries. On May 21 which was a day off with no surgeries we received the visit of two Dsv inspectors that showed us a complaint sent via e mail . They threatened our vet host to shut the place down on grounds like “animals recovered on blankets ” and stating that was against the rules to operate so many animals a day. They looked though the clinics
    books and left stating that the project is off and clinic is to be closed down. After this the vet team went to meet with Dsv director to ask for help and find a way for the project to go on and also for inspectors to see how a project like this is run. Answer was NO! she said that a project like this can not continue in her jurisdiction. Next we went to the Mayor and had a meeting with him but he did not want to get involved. Conclusion was we were not welcome in Botosani and no authority saw us in action which is a real loss. We operate where we are welcome so next day we moved our project in another town that was happy to receive us. Imagine two station wagon cars and a caravan full of equipment that had to be moved in 4 stops . I am proud of my team and a big Thank you for volunteers from around the world that attended and helped with our spayathon.
    Sincerely, Dr Aurelian Stefan

  16. Lelia Creanga says:

    The reasons DSV invoked to stop the spayathon in Botosani seem a bit ridiculous, to be very frankly. if DSV had been that interested in the animal welfare, the condition of the animals and their recovery…they would have closed the public shelter and not the vet clinic or the spayathon. the conditions of the local public shelter certified by the DSV do not meet the required standards, and yet they stop a great project meant to improve the lives of so many animals and which, above all, was organized and carried out in perfect conditions for the well being of the animals.
    Clearly, this proves once again that some people, state authorities’ representatives, physical entities or just irrational spiteful persons do not want things to change for the animals in Romania….sad, very sad.

  17. Elke Winkler says:

    I think this was well done – the proof is all operated animals got out healthy! I am working together with a shelter in India, well – that is not as steril as it is here. But the animals also survive… I am really sorry that this could not be finished because of this defamatory statement! This is egoistical and has done a big harm to the animals! This is unpardonable !

    But what makes me really sad is, that there are fights between animal welfare organisations. And I think as usual the main problem is, that some people are tempted by money. It always is the money which corrupts people!! I learned to know ROLDA some years ago and I was impressed by the pictures. But I learned as well not to trust when money is involved. So I only give money for that what I see with my own eyes. So I can be sure that it is used for what it is given. I am so fed up that finally one can’t trust people who pretend to help animals or people or whatever. And the most evil in this is, that because of people who betray, the whole part of animal welfare gets damaged !!

  18. Elena Tulina says:

    Where’s the end of men’s cruelty. How can it happen in our “civilized” world. It has to be stopped by all means and as soon as possible!!!

  19. Judith tansey says:

    I was looking to help an animal charity and came across rolda as a lot of money is involved I had rolda investigated. What a despicable ugly woman this Dana costin is. From breaking up the marriage of an elderly American because she thought he had money to overseeing the torture and killing of animals in her own homeland. Dana costin is a dirty name not only in America but western Europe and australia. In fact anywhere people care about animals. It’sabout time the Romanian courts dealt with her and her frauds. Once she and people like her are behind bars (in prison) Romania can hold it’s head up in the world and move on to repairing their country so we can invest in it to make it a good and proud country it was many years ago.

  20. Botosani authorities have asked us to return….but now we have no funds. Thanks to the “animal lover” in Galati, Botosani animals and the people who are trying to help them will suffer. Nice one Dana Costin and Tudor Ciprian. Here is the conversation:

    ThursdayBigios Marina
    Dear sir and madame,
    Im writing from City Hall Botosani because we have a several problems with dogs and our mayor want to contact your association for dogs sterilisation. We hope you can help our city in this problem. My contacts are :, tel 0040746659717.
    Thank you and a nice day

    ThursdayRomania Animal Rescue, Inc
    we have no funds for this Marina. You may recall we were there last May to help and were not treated very well by your authorities. They received an email from ROLDA charity, run by Dana Costin who is always trying to undermine our good work, saying that we were using foreign vets, bad medicines,and other lies, and you all believed them without even checking on our work. So we are not too keen to return to such a circumstance. I am checking with our veterinary director but we were treated so shabbily whilst trying to help in your city with the FREE spay/neuter of 1000 dogs…….it took alot of planning (almost a year’s worth), expense and time to put this together for last May only to have it all wasted except for the 167 animals we were able to spay and neuter.

    6 hours agoRomania Animal Rescue, Inc
    yet as always we were welcomed in numerous other cities where we continued our Spayathon activity last May.

    6 hours agoBigios Marina
    i am very sorry for last year but now is another sittuation …things are different for last year and u are very wellcome here. the authotities are change for last year and now the want to find a situattion for our city to help the dogs from the street. we are a poor city and we dont have a good budget for sterilization of dogs. with all the shame we invite u again and we can promise u waht happened last year it will never happen. sorry again

    4 hours agoRomania Animal Rescue, Inc
    we don’t have the funds Marina. It troubles me terribly that the dogs in Botosani are in desperate need. I used what remained of my inheritance from my father to go to Botosani last year and now it is gone.

    4 hours agoRomania Animal Rescue, Inc
    also my best American donors were there at the event and saw what went on….they will not donate to a Botosani project again. Our vet team was very upset by how they were treated, not by the Mayor’s office who really didn’t intervene one way or another, but by the DSV authority. We still don’t know if we can trust them or not, or if they are being bribed by ROLDA in some fashion.

    3 hours agoRomania Animal Rescue, Inc
    Marina, I think the best solution for you would be to hire vets in Botosani to run a massive campaign for s/n. You may be familiar with Deborah Buckley’s suggestions. Dr. Lidia Nistor was also trained on spay/neuter techniques by our vets over a year ago, and she may be able to help you with lowcost spay/neuter as well. The problem for us both is money….as always

    3 hours agoBigios Marina
    Ok thank you very much for the advices but we have like 3000 dogs on the strets maybe more and its impossible to solve the problemes in a short time with a poor budget. We also talk with vets doctor but we needs more help

    3 hours agoRomania Animal Rescue, Inc
    have you contacted Vier Pfoten?

    2 hours agoBigios Marina
    Our vicemayor talk with they but they dont have monet
    And i contact but nothing
    They said to me we will call me but nothing
    Maybe u know other fondation to write for help?

    31 minutes agoRomania Animal Rescue, Inc
    no, I don’t. I’m sorry. I don’t know anyone who will go there for the length of time that would be needed to s/n all those dogs except for Vier Pfoten and they will do it under contract from what I understand.
    also the problem most likely will take a while to solve….spaying and neutering as much as possible with whatever funds you have starting as soon as possible. and hopefully the vets doing the surgeries are well trained.

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