Slanderous statement by Dana Costin after being pre-warned about the construction of this site

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  2. Jayne says:

    I just thank god that we managed to get a Romanian dog out of Romania and give her the home she so deserves, albeit ROLDA or any other charity. The evidence is clear. Dana obviously did everything stated here – the testimonials and written documentation prove this. I worry for these dogs though, they are the innocents in all of this and the main focus. If Dana founded ROLDA then is it possible to replace her with someone that we can trust and have dealings with? Can a prosecution be brought against Dana with all this evidence? I don’t know how the Romanian legal system works but is this the main aim of this site?

  3. max says:

    I’ve found this site and I’ve been here for the last 3+hrs reading about this con and to be truthful I’m ashamed that I live in the same city as the one stated above..

    I’m not a lawyer and I don’t know how the legal system works regarding this matter but I think you can ask the PR officer at every Romanian consulate or embassy in your country about what can be done about your donations or “Mr A” money.

    I feel ashamed for every inbreed mo*fo that trash the Romanian ( not rrom = gipsy ) name and put a “persona non grata” label over all of us who are legit and maybe soon to be extinct citizens of this country.

  4. Kim B says:

    How could Costin have had “financial problems” in 2007..too broke to help feed Mr.Cenac’s dogs as she had contracted to do, when she had just stolen the 60,000 British Pounds from Mr. A in the Land Con?

  5. bonita says:

    These crooks always bounce back, it’s worth it, look at the donations they steal!! She should be sharing a cell with CEO of NTDM, and a truck load of dead dogs that they are responsible for.

  6. Derek Brown says:

    I’m at a lost to understand fully all of the above comments. Has this Dana actually got anything to do with the supposedly genuine Rolda Australia in Queensland that sends funds over there, or are they separate enter ties. Has this woman set up her own shelter under their name? Perhaps a reply from Queensland would be appropriate. No more donations unless we get the whole truthful story.

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