ROLDA – Romanian League in Defense of Animals -The Truth about Dana Costin

This site has been constructed to provide verifiable documentation about ROLDA (Romanian League in Defense of Animals; and the person who is the manager of this organization. This site is also meant as a WARNING to all who deeply care for suffering animals and wants to help; either by donations, adoptions or volunteer work.

ROLDA  has for many years been in a position of trust given by generous donators and hardworking volunteers. Their trust have been abused – which has had detrimental consequences for the animals .

This document is based on volunteers testimonials, those who have  had personal experiences in dealing with ROLDA through their care for animals and desire to better the terrible conditions under which these animals live and die . They were all supporters of ROLDA until they were faced with a reality hidden behind ROLDA`s charitable facade. What they saw made it impossible for them to stay silent. They have raised their voices for the sake of those that cannot speak ; the animals.

This site intends to show the public the facts about ROLDA as given by these  people.




ROLDAs Large Shelter Con

ROLDA steals over $100,000


The ROLDA $98,000 Land Fraud

Cases of Animal Abuse & Cruelty

Sabotage of Spayathon for 1000 dogs

Dogs used to fund her lavish lifestyle

Personal Testimonials

Smear and Slander Campaigns

ROLDA’s Lies and Contradictions

Dana Costin cuts off top’s from reciepts


ROLDA -Slander, Fraud, Theft and Forgery

UnDeclared Donations withdrawn from ROLDA UK Accounts

Nancy Janes now joins the ranks of those threatened for revealing the truth about ROLDA

Slanderous Statement From ROLDA on learning of this site’s existence

False claims of being a representative of Canadian Voices for Animals


Rolda begins it’s intimidation of fellow Romanians

Rolda and its ongoing unfounded attacks against RAR

Merritt Clifton – Editor of Animal People Newspaper, US Trustee for ROLDA, and his involvement with ROLDA and Dana Costin  

ROLDA blog – “Response to the ‘bastards’ attack on ROLDA”

Personal shopping courtesy of the Dogs

ROLDA steals a photo of a young disabled child, effectively marking him as a prime target for pedophiles then taunts his mother about is disability




Dana Costin targets the elderly in her most recent donation drive

Latest testimonial added –  My experience with Rolda in honor of my beloved Staso, by Sissel

Dana’s latest ludicrous attempt at denial.

Merrit Clifton, delusional or a liar?

Costins luxury holiday 2012 paid for … how?

Gill from Rescueme Romania disproves Rolda’s latest attempt at smearing Chrissy Phillips

Rolda deliberately sabotage Ador Botosani spayathon,stopping the sterilisation of 1,000 stray dogs.

Swedish and Rolda collaboration ended because of Dana Costins deliberate lack of transparency of accounts and donations recieved

Rolda uses intimidation and threat of financial hardship to bully witnesses

Resurrection of the Great Rolda Donor List Con

ROLDA attempts to resurrect the Dana Costin land con 

 Rolda, aka Dana Costin shows her true colours and taunts a mother about her disabled young child.

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  1. Susan Johnson says:

    All those who are speaking out – thanks for taking a stand against the exploitation of dogs and animals for personal gain under the guise of animal welfare. Your courage and commitment are admirable – don’t give up. The truth always prevails. Susan

    • Nancy Janes says:

      For those of you who do not know, Susan Johnson is with the USA
      State Dept. She was stationed in Romania in early 2000. I met her in 2001 while she was the sitting USA Ambassador while the Ambassador was on holiday. Susan has met Dana Costin……..

  2. Shared this information and I hope this woman is stopped as soon as possible. Please keep me informed.

  3. Liz Duane says:

    OMG….so what can we don know to help the dogs in the shelter, and to make sure justice is done and she gets prosecuted?

    • Nancy Janes says:

      Hi Liz,
      Well, Anja wrote to ArcelorMittal, the company that owns the shelter, the concerns that we all have about the situation for the dogs at the ArcelorMittal shelter that is managed by ROLDA. They replied that changes will be implemented.What changes we do not know as of yet, but this is at least a good step in the right directions. Thanks to this expose’, the situation is being reviewed and we will stay on top of it. We are hoping that ArcelorMittal will allow monitors from Galati to go to the shelter to make sure the weaker dogs are actually able to eat.
      Please also note that this letter from ArcelorMittal also confirms once again that they, and not donors, are paying for the shelter and all its expenses. ROLDA is not and never was in need of donations for this large shelter.
      Fiat Carbon Europe
      ArcelorMittal Galati

      Thank you for writing to us and for offering your input.
      ArcelorMittal Galati, as a responsible member of the community, is commited to ensure the best possible conditions, veterinary services and care for the tramp dogs in the area.
      We are currently performing a review at the dog shelter and, so far, some potential improvements were identified. We will work with ROLDA for implementing them.

      Best regards,

      Eric Remisz
      Chief Executive Officer

  4. joann says:

    Rolda took me also when this scam artist first started. This call it what ever and all she is involved with in the USA are the pits and should be exposed for the scum that they are, anyone so low as to use animal suffering for personal gain along with the NORTH SHORE ANIMAL LEAGUE WHO CEO GET CLOSE TOP 400,000 A YEAR stealing the donated animals money should be put in an oven.

  5. olimpia marina says:

    I was informed in the past about this kind of things happening in animal shelters in Romania….I think that they are a few doing the same dishonest treatment to animals…..they should be inspected and investigated…..

  6. olimpia marina says:

    Rolda…….She should be charged,she should give the stolen money back,and charged also for the suffering caused to the the animals as a result….It has to be done,so other shelters doing the same may stop before it is to late…..

  7. naomi says:

    this psycho must return the money she stole, and be legally charged for animal abuse and neglect. she does not deserve to be near ANY animal. she is a piece of dirt.

  8. I heard many years ago that something was happening at the Shelter and there were allegations of misappropriation of donations. This sort of thing cannot be tolerated as it is the animals who suffer. This also can be detrimental to those of us working desperately to help the animals. Trust this matter is dealt with now!

  9. I believe this is among the so much vital info for me. And i’m glad studying your article. But should observation on some general issues, The web site taste is perfect, the articles is in reality excellent : D. Good activity, cheers

  10. Nancy Janes says:

    Dana Costin claims that she broke off the partnership with RAR and this is why Nancy Janes is so bitter against her. Here is the proof that she is once again lying: Nancy Janes emailing with member of the Board of Directors for RAR, Renee Snyder, while in Galati in May of 2006:

    —– Forwarded Message —-
    From: Romania Animal Rescue
    To: Renee Snyder
    Sent: Sat, May 13, 2006 2:50:18 AM
    Subject: Re: Emailing the donors

    Hi Renee,
    I think what needs to be stressed moreso is her (Costin’s) lack of work in town. She hasn’t spayed or neutered hardly any dogs. The shelter is OK, now that it’s been cleaned up by her mom. Of course Dr. Olsen told her how to make it nice…… From now on RAR $ goes only for spay and neuter, and possibly food. I truly believe I am handling this as best as anyone could have. Dana had Schnuffie going for a while, and they were nice to her and mean to me. Well, Dana fell into her own lack of care for anyone, and blew it with them as well.
    I get to San Diego on Monday.

    Renee Snyder wrote:
    I just finished reading the emails. From what I can see, you are handling everything with complete grace. Thank God you are such a pro. I can’t believe what is going on. Maybe that opera woman you know in Romania can hook you up with a vet in Bucharest to check the dogs that are supposed to go with you. Again, I want to stress that you should stop sending things to Merritt. Unfortunately the psycho (yes him, as well as Dana) still has some pull in the animal community through AP. I recommend stopping communication with him. If he should threaten to say anything negative about you or RAR in AP, tell him you will sue for defamation. I have no doubt that he will do anything Dana asks of him, even if that means unfavorable mention in AP. At this point, you do not need any mention in AP to get donors. I’m sure you have already gotten any you would from that source by now.

    I also think you need to send something to the RAR website guy ASAP as well as send a message to the donors about ceasing your relationship with ROLDA. I would be happy to send the emails, but it has to be today. I’m leaving town for Salt Lake in the morning and my Internet access will be limited. I have your email list from the last newsletter. You seem to be a real pro, so you can probably do something better, but how’s something like this:

    To all RAR supporters:

    I am writing this from Galati, Romania. I am currently here with the Schnuffie Production crew to film a documentary about Romania’s stray dog crisis. As you know, to date Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. has been workeding exclusively with Dana Costin of ROLDA to help the dogs in Galati. Because Romania Animal Rescue is a US 501(c)3 charity, it is based in California and therefore, I cannot have constant direct supervision over our partners in Romania. Therefore, I travel to Romania several times a year to review our partners.

    While here for this visit, I have had a chance to do Romania Animal Rescue’s ongoing review of the ROLDA shelter and their operations. To my dismay, the ROLDA program has worsened since my last visit in February. The shelter itself is in poorer condition and the program is not being managed to my expectations.

    For this reason, the Board of Directors has chosen to cease our partnership with the ROLDA shelter in Galati. We were grateful to have had the opportunity to help a countless number of dogs in this city, however, we must move on to help others in Romania. I have had the opportunity to form new relationships with other animal advocates here in Romania and we will now work with these individuals to help Romania’s dogs.

    It is important to me that all of the Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. donors are fully aware of where their donations are going. Allow we will no longer be supporting the ROLDA shelter, please rest assured that every cent of our donors’ money will go directly to helping dogs in Romania. When I return to the US, I will send further information regarding the changes to Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.’s alliances within Romania.

    Thanks so much for your ongoing support. Unfortunately the stray dog crisis is still huge, but together with your help, we can make Romania a better place for dogs.

    Nancy Janes, President
    Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.

    What do you think? As for the cart, the woman told me I need measurements in order for her to find the right cart. I think with puppies you start with one and then get a new one when they get larger. I’m guessing they are somewhat adjustable. So if you can send me the measurements, I’ll work on getting it ASAP.

    —– Original Message —-
    From: Romania Animal Rescue
    To: renee snyder
    Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2006 7:14:50 AM
    Subject: as the stomach turns

    Hi there!
    Rory is in contact with me, has closed the account so shithead can’t get more money out, and things should be OK. The only apprehension I have is that Dana will try to make it impossible for Schnuffie and I to take the animals to the USA. She will try to undermine this – I am sure of it. I must be prepared to find another vet that can check the dogs and give them clearance to leave the country. Schnuffie people are worried Dana may retaliate by hurting the dogs now that they are at ROLDA, but I don’t think she would do that, but she might.
    I am so embarrassed – not only did Schnuffie get screwed, but Ross Johnston from the Peace Corp has been as well, and another vet from the UK who signed on last minute. Finally, I feel so sorry that this happened for the dogs sake. I can’t believe what a complete narcisist she is to have ruined what could have saved thousands of animals. It will hit me eventually that this has truly happened, and I hope to be hiking when it does.
    Can you still try to find a cart for little Ana Marie? I have so much to do now. Thank you,

  11. zilele alea cind se discuta despre sterilizari ,a sunat o prietena pe dana costin si a spus ca are de castrat pisici de la bloc ,d. c. a spus sa sune la cabinet ,insa la cabinet doctorul a spus ca nu stie nimic .o alta prietena a sunat direct la cabinet si a spus ca stie de pe internet despre sterilizari si avut noroc ca sa zic asa ,a doua zi a programat-o si a sterilizat 3 pisici .urmatoarele zile au mai sunat-o pe d .c .citeva prietene care au si ele animale multe in casa si pe langa bloc ,insa ea nu a raspuns la telefon…

  12. Lelia Creangă says:

    this is the English translation of the text posted in Romanian, if needed by the readers:
    these days, when everybody is talking about spaying / neutering, a friend of mine called Dana Costin and she told her she had some cats to spay, cats from her block. Dana Costin told her to call the vet clinic, but the vet replied he had no idea about that project. another friend of mine called directly to the clinic and told the vet she found out from the internet about the free spay / neuter project….and she was lucky, the next day she got an appointment and succeeded to spay 3 cats. over the next days, several friends of mine called Dana, because they have many animals around their blocks…but she never answered her phone.

  13. christel Malmberg says:

    This woman would be stop at once..No moore animals ABSOLUTELY NO MOORE..
    We all know that she dont give a dame about this por suffering and vulnerbal dogs.. You know…they can feel pain,,,the starving…the longing and the are sad just like you me and your children. Dont hurt them anymoore start helping them instead…Dont bee cruel…/Christel

  14. Gill says:

    In 2008 I adopted a ROLDA dog. When he arrived his long coat was matted and dirty which disguised the fact that he was a bag of bones. I didn’t dare take him to be trimmed in case someone reported me to the RSPCA for neglect. Everyone who saw him thought that he was an old dog. He was 18 months old. I had to take him to the vet anyway because he couldn’t use his back right leg and the vet was horrified at how thin he was. I’d queried the limp with Dana and she said that he must have banged his leg on the journey over. The xray showed it was an old injury and a lot of his femur was dead. Luckily because he was young the vet was able to cut away the dead bone and anyone who didn’t know him wouldn’t notice that his right leg is shorter than the left.

    • Nancy Janes says:

      Thank you Gill from Rescueme Romania, UK, for speaking out about this situation. Animal abusers and those who neglect the animals, while taking in large sums of money that are supposed to be used to prevent this type of neglect, must be exposed. The animals are counting on us, as they cannot tell their own stories for us. Although the dog with the bad femur, old injury, was trying his best to let you know that he was not well taken care of.

  15. Gill says:

    The second ROLDA dog I adopted was dirty and smelly, but not particularly thin.

    At that point another poor shelter had contacted ROLDA for help and she put their appeal on her web site. I contacted a UK dog magazine and asked them to put an article in about this shelter, which they did. The shelter set up a paypal account but the magazine went to print with the story earlier than we expected and used Dana’s paypal address. She told us that no donations were raised for this shelter. I regret now not making a donation myself through her account and seeing if she was being truthful. To be fair to her, she did give them some money later. I will never know if t his was part of the money donated by the readers of the magazine or not.

  16. Gill - Rescueme Romania says:

    Dana took some dogs from this shelter to ROLDA to be advertised for adoption in the UK. They were supposed to be getting a rabies injection straight away but six months later, when a neighbour of mine decided to adopt one of the dogs, they still hadn’t had their vaccination. The Romanian lady who had initially rescued this dog went to ROLDA to visit it and took some photos of it and another dog. When she sent me their photos I was horrified at how thin they had got. (She hadn’t said anything because she was scared of Dana)The first dog is big and weighed about 45kg when she arrived at ROLDA. She was 20kg when she left and very food aggressive. As it happens she is with me now and very laid back about food so her aggression must have been caused by hunger. When I questioned Dana about how thin the dogs were I didn’t get a straight answer and she went on the attack immediately. The dog was also filthy when she arrived in the UK. These dogs were the lucky ones. They were in the small shelter and advertised for adoption.

    I never donated to Chrissy (as Dana Costin is claiming now). I sent the money straight to Dana, £100 a month for years. When I got Archie in 2008 I didn’t even know Chrissy and she sent him over with Robert Smith.

  17. Threatened for this info says:

    A Former Rolda Employee’s Email about working at ROLDA
    Subject: helloo
    To: “”
    Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2011, 12:32 PM
    Dana Costin started thinking like a business, not as a charity. She began to buy land from all the NGO’S donations , thenbrought a few dogs, she made cages and then began to ask for further help from foundations … How Dana Costin attract funds: take pictures as more appealing, in that miserable tions that the world can say,,, poor dog,really need help ”or looking on the internet for pictures to post and can impress the world …. easy to persuade foundationsbegan gently, began to receive the kinds of donations she did not realize …. does not care to have so many things that could use that can help dogs …. but she neededmoney…later started coming a lot of money …. has something built in to the shelter … but in the shelter dogs were dead in the end … because Dana Costin has little soul … did not want to take the dogs to the vet because she was tired, because it was far enough, though meanwhile foundations have donated money for the car to move smoothly with dogs, but it wasvery hard to take those dogs to the vet, was a great effort …… Dogs have died in terrible pain … were screaming …. No heart…she was hitting dogs like a cloth … gave them no mercy…she was hitting them in any area of ​​the body … no matter that is in front, eyes or in the abdomen … …. your heart breaks …food was restricted although she can afford the luxury of theworld how much money had … dogs were not dewormed, vaccinated …She desinfestate them only when someone comes to visit, or if someone comes to adopt one … . If you ask for help with any dog …. Very rarely answer the phone …. And they say it’s the foundation for animal welfare ….And what she does /?…. comes and takes it and leaves it in another district … like that Dana Costin is helping the animals…It’s a girl who makes people head: only money she stands for … every time trying to make money from everything …. andhere I refer to the pictures she put on site (they must be as dramatic and more attractive, or even taken from the net), many of which say do not (she said that she will pay for hundred sterilizations per month, and it only makes a quarter, althoughshe had money for more number of sterilizations, and people asked her desperate help for sterilizations

  18. C’est véritablement une honte que de se faire de l’argent sur la misère animalière !Je ne vous cacherai pas que je suis très en colère !
    Voici mon plaidoyer :
    “Ce plaidoyer n’a pas la mauvaise prétention d’être donneur de leçons, loin s’en faut ; il n’a été rédigé que dans le but de faire toucher du doigt au lecteur la réalité de certaines choses.

    Prendre effectivement parti pour la cause animale est une action noble et valorisante pour l’esprit, sous certaines conditions cependant ; des conditions que je vais essayer de clarifier ci-après.

    J’observe, depuis près d’une décennie dans le cadre de mes activités de soutien à la cause précitée, une partie du travail de sites, blogs, associations et autres forums prenant fait et cause pour l’animal.Pour ce qui est du problème général de fond concernant le monde animal, j’observe et constate, de longue date qu’une pléthore d’associations, de groupes, voire de groupuscules travaillent sans aucune liaison entre eux et sans concertations préalables qui permettraient de définir un ou plusieurs objectifs communs fiables et autres plans d’action sur le long terme ; le résultat, prévisible, de cette « isolement contre productif » est que le monde de la protection animale n’est aucunement globalement représentatif aux yeux des instances dirigeantes car se dispersant beaucoup trop pour être crédible.A l’heure des moyens de communications gigantesques mis à la disposition de l’homme il est paradoxal de devoir constater que beaucoup ne communiquent pas ou plus, travaillant isolément dans leur sphère sans avoir l’idée de vouloir partager leurs acquis.

    Pour ce qui est de la forme maintenant, je constate, là encore beaucoup trop d’anomalies, notamment dans les écarts de langage et je vais là aussi m’en expliquer.Nous sommes dans une démocratie et chaque individu est libre de s’exprimer ou non dans le cadre d’un forum, d’un blog ou d’un site s’il pense avoir un ou des arguments à faire valoir ; tout comme chacun n’est aucunement dans l’obligation de lire des arguments qui pourraient lui déplaire, voire le froisser et y répondre car la réponse qu’il formulerait, dans le cas d’espèce, ne serait vraisemblablement pas conforme à une réalité objective et constructive.Ce préalable étant posé, le triste constat qui en ressort et qui tend à s’amplifier est que la pratique de la langue française se perd chaque jour un peu plus.Chacun devrait avoir à cœur lorsqu’il traite de sujets valorisants de faire un minimum d’effort, au plan de l’écriture de façon à être compris, ne serait-ce que par respect pour le ou les lecteurs de ses développements mais aussi pour le « sujet » dont il parle, dans le cas de cet article : l’animal.Il existe sous Windows et ailleurs sur le net, des correcteurs grammaticaux mais aussi orthographiques qui permettraient à certains de ne pas devoir rougir de leurs écrits.

    Dernier point important et de taille, observé ça et là : je n’apprécie nullement l’inutile étalage de violence verbale de certains ; un fait qui les discrédite et les décrédibilise mais aussi qui dévalorise la tenue littéraire et intellectuelle de certains espaces d’expression de même que je trouve véritablement lamentable l’attitude de certains individus, se cachant derrière le « relatif » anonymat de leur ordinateur et qui usent et abusent d’une provocation gratuite, ordurière, mesquine et malsaine, souvent d’une pauvreté intellectuelle affligeante démontrant brillamment leur manque d’instruction, de savoir vivre mais aussi de culture. Le dessein de ces provocateurs est de tenter de déstabiliser les utilisateurs habituels d’un espace d’expression dans le but de brouiller les cartes de ce qu’ils pensent être un jeu de bonneteau.La meilleure des armes particulièrement efficace à l’encontre de ces nuisibles de l’ère moderne reste, dans certains cas l’indifférence à afficher à l’égard de ces individus qui se trouvent totalement déstabilisés par l’absence de réponse et de réactions face à leurs élucubrations, les privant ainsi du plaisir, ô combien jouissif, de la riposte du ou de leurs interlocuteurs.Il ne faut jamais perdre de vue que la violence, physique ou verbale ne peut qu’être génératrice d’elle-même, conduisant à une surenchère et à l’escalade.Il est infiniment plus difficile d’ignorer la violence que d’y répondre dans un mauvais réflexe qui ne peut qu’être aucunement valorisant.Les responsables, webmasters et autres modérateurs de certains espaces devraient avoir constamment à l’esprit qu’ils ont des moyens techniques légaux pour empêcher les parasites susmentionnés de nuire à la bonne tenue des espaces dont ils ont la charge. Ils ont même la possibilité, si le besoin s’en faisait sentir, de déposer plainte contre ces individus qui narguent la société en relative impunité. Je remercie les lectrices et lecteurs d’avoir eu la courtoisie de lire cet article jusqu’au bout.”

  19. Angela says:

    I am a PHD in Psychology, my focus is on research and accurate symtology. I visted Romania briefly approx. 5 years ago. I was appalled at the animal suffering that is a part of everyday life in this country, and I’ve kept up online with Romania since. The Rolda/RAR conflict is constantly brought to my attention. I consider myself a bit of an expert on this long term cyber fight. I am cimpelled to comment that Dana has an extreme emotional response to the very idea of Nancy Janes. It appears that it his become impossible for her to resist talking about Nancy. Seeming average daily adversities are processed by Dana as attacks from an individual that lives many thosands of miles away. This is a red flag, with possible diagnosis being either Dana Costins inability to accept her own failures, Costin’s inability to manage anger, or an obsessive love pattern Costin is expressing for Janes. This kind of love pattern can be difficult to diagnose, especially because the lover wil passionately deny it. It is the expression of passion in combination with constant talk of the loved individual (as Costin talks about Janes) and frankly the inability to discuss any other sbject without returning to the subject of the loved one that gives this personality disorder away. It might be easiest to understand if explained this way: remember the little boy in 3rd grade who expessed his hatred for you? He pulled your pigtails, tripped you on the playground? If this child truly had no intrest in you he would not even think about you.This is an immature, obsessive love, treatable, but the patient has to be willing to work very hard. Without therapy, it is unusual for this type of person to have normal relationships. It is not uncommen for an individual with this disorder to stalk others, commit petty theft (for the rush) or to beome con men.

  20. Judy Hill says:

    Dana Costin of Rolda is a disappointment to the animal welfare. I used believe in her heartfelt
    newsletters until I found out the truth. All the people who she says are crooked and can’t be
    trusted, it is HER. All the money she gets in donation could help so many animals and she uses
    it mostly for herself. She should not be allowed to work with animals, because of her most
    people don’t want to help Romanian Animals, because they know the money will not get to the

  21. Laura says:

    I have to admit I was going to contact ROLDA to ask about volunteering there next year, I’m now thinking is this a mistake? But then I think that, in going to help, I may in some way be able to do something for these dogs, even if its just a small act of kindness in the grand scheme of things. Its horrible to say, but reading about the con artist that is Dana has really made me think twice about helping out, and im sure its had the same effect on others. I was also considering adopting one of the dogs I have seen on ROLDAs website, would this be wrong? The last thing I’d want is to encourage this pattern of behaviour in mistreating animals, but at the same time, if I could at least save one dog, that would be something at least. I certainly wouldn’t donate money if its not going to help the dogs. Any thoughts from the readers of this site on adoption/volunteering at ROLDA would be most appreciated.

    • paulaevans says:

      Don’t know much about all this and dana….But iv’e adopted a lovely dog and what a joy she is….Was a little thin but healthy..She spent 4 years in the shelter at galati before i had her….So they must be doing something right,,….!

      • Honesty Integrity says:

        do you mean that Dana Costin is still not feeding the dogs enough? Even after all this exposure? Amazing. I’m so glad you adopted this dog. Thank you!

  22. Aria says:

    Laura, I understand your frustration. About a year ago I discovered that my great great grandparents were Romanian. I knew nothing about the country, but I vowed to do something to benefit Romania in some way. Romania has many problems, but I have chosen to help the dogs. It was difficult after that decision to choose the proper way to help.
    I did a lot of research and came to some conclusions I think will help you decide what to do with your time and money. First of all, if you are in Romania and have time to donate, give that time to the charity most convenient to you, or to the one you feel most comfortable. The dogs need
    you no matter what shelter they are in. If your commute is shorter and you bond with the other volunteers you will tend to stick to it long term. If you wish to donate money, there are some great charities that you can feel comfortable sending your hard earned dollars to. All I can say is do the research! Choose a charity with a good program for assisting the dogs. Research how their programs are funded, and decide if you agree with the charities long term goals. When you find a charity that sounds right to you…go for it! As an example, when I was researching charities I discovered that Rolda is sponsered by ArcelorMittal. ArcelorMittal is the worlds leading integrated steel and mining company and posts revenue of US 93.973 billion! OK, to me, that sounds like Rolda has hit the charity jackpot! There are so many others that do not have this good fortune and my money goes to one of these. Hope this helps, Laura!

  23. Nancy Janes says:

    • When I was with her one time we were going to check in the town of Tulcea where “someone” had reported dogs being buried alive. “someone” had contacted WSPA and they contacted me. I was in RO and told Dana we needed to check it out. So we hired a body guard and went there. When we got to Tulcea, Dana hailed a taxi and grabbed my arm and we got in the taxi. She ducked down to hide from the body guard so we could ditch him. Why she did this. Who knows….
    • The cab driver was an animal lover and spoke English…thank God. He took us everywhere he could think of to ask if there were mass dog graves and everyone said no way. Then we went to the city dump. While we were there a man gave Dana a sweet little puppy he had and said “here you will be able to take better care of it than I can” (assuming we were rich due to the taxi and me speaking English). Dana took the puppy and called it Rollie and told me she would snuggle with it in place of Rolando who had recently died. Well, I never saw that puppy again. She told me she got rid of him because he peed all over her bed. I assumed she gave him away…..stupid me never bothered to ask for details from her. I had learned not to pry into “her business” by that time. I took a dog from the dump that I named Tully. He was eating garbage and simply pathetic…..I took him to the ROLDA shelter. When I went back the next time he was still there, but Geo told me later that Dana dumped him when I split with her out of spite.
    • When the wonderful taxi driver caught Tully for me and I was able to hold him and kiss him, I started crying and told him “you will NEVER eat garbage again”. Dana has used this as her phrase in many please for funds, making up stories of animals that she “saved” from eating garbage. Knowing that Tully was dumped God knows where in Galati makes me sick…….I will never ever forgive her for this.
    Heaven only knows what she actually did with that little puppy.

    • Nancy Janes says:

      times when I did ask her too many questions she would throw a tantrum…..and she always had the upper hand by having the dogs that I loved so much and did not want to stop helping them. It is very twisted, but this is how she keeps getting supporters….even when we don’t like her, we feel obligated to help those dogs. Back then ROLDA was pretty much the only charity found on the internet…. I know Chrissy felt the same way too.

  24. Silvana Presutti says:


    • Brenda says:

      I got to this site by doing some research about Dana Costin, but WOW!
      Your rant it’s purely demented! What is wrong with you? Are you an Italian gypsy or what? How can you say you care about anyone, even an animal, with this kind of vicious and malicious thinking?

      • Mihaela Margarit says:

        This is a bed atitude Silvana!Don’t forget we have same Latin roots…In Romania are a lot of animal lovers and they made a lot of sacrifices to save the animals…as i am…i live at the country side,in one of the Romania’s poorest areas and i made events to donate presents and stuff i collected to the poor kids,old and disabled people…i saved 21 dogs(10puppies)(plus one my german shepherd)mostly of them with medical problems,limbs,blind,with scabies,parvovirus,i vaccinated and treated them…i adopted all of them except the pups…i built dog houses,i castrated,operated and the first good vet is 90km far from me…I have 4 cats ,i volunteer for a grup who saved from deathcamps and streets of Bucharest 170 dogs,i feed every 3 days the dogs thrown on the field and in the wood…I transport pro bono with my car dogs to adopters….a long story!Do u think it’s easy to do all of this when u have cancer????They keep me alive!!!Love in their eyes and their unconditional friendship!!!!I invite u to adopt one dog from Romania!!!Be kind with animals and peopletoo!!!Bless u!!!



  26. Katja says:

    Hello all, anyone familiar with a Mark Rogers??? Please email me…..!! Greetings, Katja

  27. Katja says:

    I ask again, anyone familiar with Mark Rogers??? From Liverpool, so called involved in animal welfare in Romania, Spain and now in Greece…..just email me on, thanks!

  28. Honesty Integrity says:

    contact details are right here on this site… are in contact with everyone, all 30+ charities and individuals who worked together to expose ROLDA and Dana Costin. You may choose to read the testimonials and more links to see who has worked on this expose’.

  29. edurne says:

    Es intolerable y muy cruel! vivir a causa del sufrimiento y la crueldad hacia los animales! esta gentuza tiene que tener su merecido! No entiendo como puede haber seres humanos tan inhumanos!
    se que este no es el sitio, pero se trata de los animales y les pido por favor si pueden firmar estas peticiones. Muchas gracias por su apoyo.
    Un saludo

  30. I all the time emailed this webpage post page to
    all my associates, since if like to read it then my contacts will

  31. edurne says:

    Es vergonzoso que unos humanos (animales superiores) roben el dinero que ha sido donado para ayudar a los animales. Como pueden caer tan bajo, les deseo todo lo peor! por ladrones, sinvergüenzas, manipuladores, mentirosos y crueles!! Esta gentuza son seres sin alma!!!!!

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    my difficulty. You’re wonderful! Thanks!

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    You made some really good points there. I loopked on the net ffor more info
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  36. Jane B says:

    As ROLDA still seems to be operating with websites for several countries I wondered what the situation was currently? I signed up to get emails from ROLDA and receive a few each week, but I have not sent any donations. It’s obviously hard to tell from websites if things are any more ‘legitimate’, but as ROLDA still continues to ask for donations, I was hoping there had been some improvement, for the sake of the animals.

    • Honesty Integrity says:

      Hello Jane. ROLDA hires a direct marketer to solicit you and countless others. These are extremely expensive. It begs to wonder how a Romanian charity can afford this service that is generally for huge organizations. ROLDA has found naive people to agree to register in a number of countries pretending to be international. But in matter of fact it is still just the same place as always located in Galati Romania. Thanks to this exposé Dana Costin was forced to start feeding the dogs – with funds that she always had for years yet decided to not to use for the animals. Please see testimonials if you have not already. Thank you for your comment.

    • Honesty Integrity says:

      Hello Jane. ROLDA hires a direct marketer to solicit you and countless others. These are extremely expensive. It begs to wonder how a Romanian charity can afford this service that is generally for huge organizations. ROLDA has found naive people to agree to register in a number of countries pretending to be international. But in matter of fact it is still just the same place as always located in Galati Romania. Thanks to this exposé Dana Costin was forced to start feeding the dogs – with funds that she always had for years yet decided to not to use for the animals. Please see testimonials if you have not already. Thank you for your comment. You may want to join the Where Did My Donation Go Facebook page for latest updates

  37. Hi there, the whole thing is going sound here and ofcourse every one is sharing facts, that’s really good, keep up writing.

    • Jane B says:

      Thanks for replying to my comment. The emails I get from ROLDA are very like the many others I get from various animal (and human) charities, I’m sure we can all recognise the type of messages that are meant to tug and your heatstrings and they generally do. To be honest, I have to ignore many of my messages anyway, apart from signing petitions or sending protest emails if requested to, as I donate to many charities on a monthly basis and cannot afford to give out much extra though I do try.
      I notice that Rolda’s Youtube channel does not get many viewings considering how widespread their appeal is supposed to be.
      I will continue to check on the Where Did My Donation Go Facebook page.
      I can’t help but think about that shelter in Galati what with the winter being on us. I wonder if the company that gave funding for it have anything to do with it at all?

      • Honesty Integrity says:

        HI Jane, Yes ArcelorMittal Steel company funds all the costs for the large shelter in Galati. They built it, fund it, and always have. This shelter houses the dogs from their factory grounds…not for street dogs but for the dogs from their factory. ArcelorMittal is a multi-billion euro company. They want the dogs away from their factory and warehouse them at this shelter. All funds are covered by them, and ROLDA oversees it. Until this expose’ website, ROLDA was not feeding those dogs on a regular basis…please see Vanessa Mae testimonial. Although all along ROLDA/Dana Costin has had the funds for food, vet costs, shelter costs, etc. She just decided not to care for them properly, and this is the main reason this expose’ was created. People had to step in and tell the truth. Thanks to this expose’, Costin is forced to care for the dogs at least with the funds she always has had… Yet she still asks for duplicate donations for these animals. There are always projects listed for funding that never come to completion….the natural shelter, the vet clinic, the 3rd shelter, the horse sanctuary, the running paddocks for the warehoused dogs, the dental equipment, too many to recall really….Costin knows people have a short attention span and therefore creates one plea after another.

  38. Having read this I believed it was really enlightening.
    I appreciate you taking the time and effort to
    put this information together. I once again find myself personally spending
    way too much time both reading and leaving comments. But so what, itt waas still worth it!

  39. marilyn hornigold says:

    ..january 2017 rolda contacted me by email asking for money. Due to the useless website I was happily unable to donate. This evil creature should remember that “what goes around, comes around” however that doesn’t help the poor creatures in her so called care. How has she been able to get away with this for so long?
    Sadly this will make me dubious of donating to unknown charities in future. It beggars belief that anyone could stoop so low.

  40. I was contacted today by rolda asking for a donation. Thank goodness I was unable to donate due to constaints of their rubbish website. How has the evil Costin been able to carry on this scam for so long? She needs to remember that “what goes around comes around” However this doesn’t help the poor creatures languishing in her so called care. It beggars belief that someone could be so twisted to profit from these orphans.

  41. Eleanor says:

    Thank you for this informative website. I received a letter in the mail today, with a return address in Brisbane – I live in Australia. I had never heard of ROLDA so looked it up, and was very glad to find your warnings, but sad that someone could stoop so low. I do support a number of animal rescue sites, but will certainly not send money to this one.

  42. Mary says:

    How can we help the Romanian Dogs? I received in the mail request for helping the dogs in Romania, thru the Romanian League in Defense of Animals in Crofton MD.

  43. Honesty Integrity says:

    Mary we would suggest either checking with or for other registered USA charities that help animals in Romania. Also there are charities in Romania that can be recommended, such as Happy Paws, Moreni; Friends for Life, Craiova, and many others. Thank you for asking. If you are on Facebook these people have active pages.

  44. Clare says:

    I just gave a donation via paypal – I found this site too late. Won’t be doing that again!

  45. Barrett Shaffer says:

    My husband and I were driving around Romania November 2017, just returned a few days ago. What I saw in Romania was sad. What I have read since returning home about the cruelties that the animals face is breaking my heart. I was glad to see the ROLDA organization, donated $100, then sadly had to cancel the donation when I read about them on this website. Someone in an earlier post mentioned a problem I strongly believe to be true; people are already hesitant to donate. When they read about these kind of abuses they will not donate, and they encourage others not to donate. Fortunately, we actually met volunteers and the volunteer vets from a no-kill shelter in northern Romania. I feel comfortable donating to them. And the happy news is that we have one of dogs from this shelter coming home to us in Vermont, USA. We met this dog at the shelter and fell in love with her. It is a fairly easy process and I so encourage anyone to think about doing this. The dogs we met are mostly docile and friendly. They want homes and would make a loving life-long friend!

    • Honesty Integrity says:

      That’s fabulous news Barrett! Yes it is easy to adopt from Romania to the USA. A bit costly but very well worth the investment ❤️

  46. dk says:

    What a scam.Now targeting old people.Do not waste money on this crao.

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