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  1. I am Vanessa (NessaMae)and you’ve used my TravelBlog on my volunteering experience at ROLDA. I just want to say that when I wrote the blog, I really cleaned it up and left a lot of stuff out. I was not ignorant or happy about what was going on, I cringed about the conditions every day; I just wrote it in a very good optimistic light because I have family following my blogs, I didn’t want to slander Dana without knowing the facts, and I really wanted to help the dogs. Now seeing that I am not alone with my suspicions while volunteering there and there is proof by others the dogs aren’t cared for, I am glad there are people who noticed this and started to act on it. I did find the conditions horrible and many horror stories on the way the dogs were treated and lots of things Dana said that just didn’t make sense. I am really a bit ashamed when I see my own blog at how naive I sound and I’m glad that through the good-lightened way I presented the facts that they can still be used to show the truth as the horrible death camp it was. I really had to grit my teeth and leave a lot of details out despite my better judgement. If me or my ROLDA volunteer companion “Step” can be of any help in any way, please please do not hesitate to contact me.

    • Hi Vanessa,Thank you for this added information. If you would like to write a testimonial about your experiences with ROLDA, it would be most welcomed!Thank you for your concern about the animals.Nancy

      • Dear Vanessa, I´m so glad to read that you´d have the same reasons as I to write first a seemingly positive report. Even though you were already suspicious on site, but knew nothing about the relationship and wanted to do good for the dogs. That volunteers visit the dogs and provide the dogs miserable lifes. I hope that your comment will be read, because ROLDA accused me of being a fragile and lying person. Because there are people who can´t admit that they have mistakenly trusted ROLDA, I thank you very much for your courage. Anja

  2. mandy easter says:

    18 Testimonials……it speaks for itself!

  3. Siri says:

    Here’s one more testimonial:!/notes/siri-ydstie/mai-2011/10150886685420175 It’s in Norwegian only, but have some fun with Google translate. Will write an English version soon as time allows. I volunteered May 2011 and was horrified by the cruelty and Dana Costin’s attitude

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