ROLDA Abuses Animals

Rolda abuses and allows the abuse of animals. Here we have provided just a sample of cases, we are being notified by witnesses to this along with photos and evidence.

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  1. Dana Costin deliberately infects another shelter, dumping 22 diseased and dying dogs and puppies on the shelter manager – Death toll at the hands of Dana Costin: over 50 animals

  2. Dana Costin, aka Rolda is responsible for killing newborn pups

  3. Dana Costin, aka Rolda allows dogs to be dragged through wire mesh of neighbouring kennels ripping them to pieces

  4. Dana Costin, aka Rolda does nothing to isolate pregnant and lactating bitches, causing them to fight and defend the lives of their unborn and newborn puppies by cramming them into cages with male and female adult dogs

  5. Dana Costin, aka Rolda allows small dogs and puppies to wander into neighbouring kennels risking being torn to pieces

  6. Dana Costin, aka Rolda allows the deaths of at least 3 dogs per week as they strangle themselves through the bars of their kennels

  7. Dana Costin, aka Rolda forces dog to sit on a male employee’s lap, knowing the animal is terrified of men. The dog is paralysed with fear, Dana tells witness “Well it has to learn sometime”

  8. Dana Costin, aka Rolda allows deadly mouse barley to infect the shelters, causing pain, irritation and death of dogs.

  9. Dana Costin, aka Rolda crams animals into cage for transport, and forces them to ride in freezing temperatures in an open back truck for 4 hours. All the while she drives around in an SUV paid for by donations

  10. Dana Costin, aka Rolda allows food to be thrown onto the floor of feces-incrusted kennels for the stronger dogs to fight over whilst the ill and vulnerable starve

  11. Dana Costin, aka Rolda imprisons ill and starving dogs in windowless cells without food or water in searing temperatures

  12. Rolda, while in partnership with Mittal:  When the dozens of dogs from the Mittal steel plant were poisoned, it wasn’t Rolda that stepped in trying to rescue the dogs, but Help Labus.See article:

  13. Dana Costin deliberately denies the dogs mental and physical stimulation by refusing to give the dogs the donated toys and other items piled high and gathering dust

  14. Open infected wounds, rope type stitching, injured limbs  – The ill treatment of a real Rolda dog

  15. Travellers blog to Romania –  PLEASE SEE TESTIMONIAL OF VANESSA MAE. Please bare in mind all the verifiable evidence that this site contains when reading this persons blog such as the fact the large shelter is fully paid for by ArcelorMittal Company, and has been since ArcelorMittal Steel paid for the building of this shelter to house the dogs from their steel plant property in 2007.  ROLDA has claimed to have built this shelter…..another lie.   ArcelorMittal has been funding the cost for their large shelter of 500 – 600 dogs, not only building the shelter and maintaining it, but giving ROLDA 230,000-250,000 EURO per year for the care of the animals in their shelter for the steel plant dogs.  ROLDA manages this shelter and gets the funds to pay for everything, yet begs for duplicate donations as if they were in need of funds for these dogs. Until this expose’ came out in 2011, ROLDA was not even feeding the dogs regularly or properly (please see the information from Vanessa, Gill, and others on this page and on the homepages please).  Time and time again well-intentioned volunteers have tried to help the financially-strapped ROLDA shelter in Galati, only to find in the end that ROLDA is not financially strapped.  Donors have been sending thousands of Euro worth of supplies and food, only to find they are not needed or being used.   During the time of the big freeze, another Galati group had to step in to rescue the dying dogs from the Mittal steel plant as Dana was not interested.Unbeknown to the writer of this blog at the time, she has just confirmed what other volunteers have said of the conditions in Rolda shelters time and time again.

  16. ROLDA refuses to get medication for a blind dog with congestive heart failure and allowed it to drown in its own bodily fluids after years of constant coughing….the dog’s name was Hope. Kim Bartlett of Animal People tried in vain to convince Dana Costin to get Hope on the medication she needed.   Please contact Nancy Janes at for a photo of Hope.  Kim Bartlett also has information about Hope and Costin’s lack of concern to help alleviate this dogs suffering.

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  1. Lone Merise Frederiksen says:

    We need to stop this evil person!! Can anyone get to her at all?

  2. Sharmaine says:

    Cruel, heartless, evil, deceitful bitch there is special place for people like you……HELL!

  3. Sheila Mahon says:

    I REALLY question what’s being written here – Does NOT sound believable, How do I know the person writing this is not lying trying to smear Dana? GIVE ME UNDENIABLE PROOF – otherwise I will have to think this is just one group trying to smear another group – ALL to common in the AR world – animals always get hurt

    • Sheila, have you not seen the documents section? Have you not seen what Dana herself has admitted to? Have you not seen the large shelter con pages and looked for yourself at Danas site and seen her FB postings…..We are not going to spoon feed you. You have a brain and eyes, work it out for yourself.

      What you choose to believe is up to you. We are not here to convince you, we have just aded the evidence..If you choose to be blind to it, that is up to you.

  4. Siri says:

    SHEILA – I was a volunteer in May and I saw with my own eyes how the dogs suffer horribly in Dana’s “shelter” (Mittal’s shelter actually). She shows absolutely no interest for the dogs’ wellbeing (they are despeartely hungry, some have open wounds, some just sit shivering – scared or sick, there are fights, they get their heads stuck in the wire mesh, terrified of the workser (who feed them every day), they never get exercise and there are too many crammed into each kennel) and can be quite cruel when it suits her purposes. It IS totally unbelieveable how different the real Dana is from the personae she has created on internet. Although I have seen this with my own eyes, having several other witnesses that could tell me that it wasn’t only me going completely mad, I still find it hard to believe. It is THAT horrible. I too find it strange and stupid all the slandering that goes on in AR and want to stay out of it, but this Rolda scam is just so bad I cannot not try to inform the naive animal lovers and Rolda supporters in my country about the truth (although of course the messenger is the first to be shot when the news is bad) by sharing the link to this not very pleasant site

    S 🙂

  5. Oh My God
    I will have to go through this I was her UK contact for a number of years and resigned abouta year ago

    • meher |Toorkey says:

      Hi veronica
      Do you remember that I did a concert to raise funds for Rolda? nearly £800. So it has gone to pay for dog abuse & her lavish life style. When did she turn so corrupt? After ronaldo’s death?

  6. Nancy Janes says:

    Well, Anja wrote to ArcelorMittal, the company that owns the shelter, the concerns that we all have about the situation for the dogs at the ArcelorMittal shelter that is managed by ROLDA. They replied that changes will be implemented.What changes we do not know as of yet, but this is at least a good step in the right directions. Thanks to this expose’, the situation is being reviewed and we will stay on top of it. We are hoping that ArcelorMittal will allow monitors from Galati to go to the shelter to make sure the weaker dogs are actually able to eat.
    Please also note that this letter from ArcelorMittal also confirms once again that they, and not donors, are paying for the shelter and all its expenses. ROLDA is not and never was in need of donations for this large shelter.
    Fiat Carbon Europe
    ArcelorMittal Galati

    Thank you for writing to us and for offering your input.
    ArcelorMittal Galati, as a responsible member of the community, is commited to ensure the best possible conditions, veterinary services and care for the tramp dogs in the area.
    We are currently performing a review at the dog shelter and, so far, some potential improvements were identified. We will work with ROLDA for implementing them.

    Best regards,

    Eric Remisz
    Chief Executive Officer

  7. Donna Lodge says:

    I am disgusted to read about the abuse of these poor dogs. I love dogs and have done so my whole life. I could not ever think to hurt them. I am from England but have lived in Romania for the past year. For a country of supposed dog lovers i feel sick to my stomach about the abuse i have seen and heard of here it is so very wrong. We have saved 2 dogs since being here one was found in a black rubbish bag filled with freezing cold dirty water drained from the lake, tied up and dumped in my daughters apartment rubbish container to die (She was 5 weeks old)! The other was from an adoption person (whom we have now found to be a racket to make money) that dog is so terrified of us that i cannot start to believe what he endured in his short puppy life with them. I wish i could help and save these poor abused dogs but i would not know where to start as the problem here in Romania is so very bad. I love all dogs and all you evil people should leave them alone they are such loyal and loving creatures and reading these comments have disturbed me so much. The Romanian Government need to get this dog abuse and stray situation sorted out as a priority. xxxxx my love for all dogs always.

  8. Kuki Barbuceanu says:

    I heard about Rolda from 2002,3,4, when Vier Pfoten sterilized dogs in Galati. And from that time, they had problems. This girl lie even when she breath. Unfortunately, she have some US organisations support, because her lover (maybe now it’s “ex”) promote her there.
    Maybe it’s time to stop all this bullshit and show to the sponsors her real face.

    • Nancy Janes says:

      Hi Kuki,
      Yes, you are correct. Merritt Clifton is actively soliciting for donations for ROLDA. My friend in Queens got a personal postcard from him asking for donations for ROLDA.

  9. Elke Winkler says:

    Is it allowed to post this page on FB ??

  10. Gill/Rescueme Romania says:


    August 14, 2012 at 6:23 AM

    In 2008 I adopted a ROLDA dog. When he arrived his long coat was matted and dirty which disguised the fact that he was a bag of bones. I didn’t dare take him to be trimmed in case someone reported me to the RSPCA for neglect. Everyone who saw him thought that he was an old dog. He was 18 months old. I had to take him to the vet anyway because he couldn’t use his back right leg and the vet was horrified at how thin he was. I’d queried the limp with Dana and she said that he must have banged his leg on the journey over. The xray showed it was an old injury and a lot of his femur was dead. Luckily because he was young the vet was able to cut away the dead bone and anyone who didn’t know him wouldn’t notice that his right leg is shorter than the left.
    The second ROLDA dog I adopted was dirty and smelly, but not particularly thin.

    At that point another poor shelter had contacted ROLDA for help and she put their appeal on her web site. I contacted a UK dog magazine and asked them to put an article in about this shelter, which they did. The shelter set up a paypal account but the magazine went to print with the story earlier than we expected and used Dana’s paypal address. She told us that no donations were raised for this shelter. I regret now not making a donation myself through her account and seeing if she was being truthful. To be fair to her, she did give them some money later. I will never know if t his was part of the money donated by the readers of the magazine.

    Dana took some dogs from this shelter to ROLDA to be advertised for adoption in the UK. They were supposed to be getting a rabies injection straight away but six months later, when a neighbour of mine decided to adopt one of the dogs, they still hadn’t had their vaccination. The Romanian lady who had initially rescued this dog went to ROLDA to visit it and took some photos of it and another dog. When she sent me their photos I was horrified at how thin they had got. (She hadn’t said anything because she was scared of Dana)The first dog is big and weighed about 45kg when she arrived at ROLDA. She was 20kg when she left and very food aggressive. As it happens she is with me now and very laid back about food so her aggression must have been caused by hunger. When I questioned Dana about how thin the dogs were I didn’t get a straight answer and she went on the attack immediately. The dog was also filthy when she arrived in the UK. These dogs were the lucky ones. They were in the small shelter and advertised for adoption.

    I never donated to Chrissy Phillips(as Dana Costin is claiming now). I sent the money straight to Dana, £100 a month for years. When I got Archie in 2008 I didn’t even know Chrissy and she sent him over with Robert Smith.

  11. Vanessa says:

    Vanessa Slack
    September 30, 2011 at 8:04 PM
    I am Vanessa (NessaMae)and you’ve used my TravelBlog on my volunteering experience at ROLDA. I just want to say that when I wrote the blog, I really cleaned it up and left a lot of stuff out. I was not ignorant or happy about what was going on, I cringed about the conditions every day; I just wrote it in a very good optimistic light because I have family following my blogs, I didn’t want to slander Dana without knowing the facts, and I really wanted to help the dogs. Now seeing that I am not alone with my suspicions while volunteering there and there is proof by others the dogs aren’t cared for, I am glad there are people who noticed this and started to act on it. I did find the conditions horrible and many horror stories on the way the dogs were treated and lots of things Dana said that just didn’t make sense. I am really a bit ashamed when I see my own blog at how naive I sound and I’m glad that through the good-lightened way I presented the facts that they can still be used to show the truth as the horrible death camp it was. I really had to grit my teeth and leave a lot of details out despite my better judgement. If me or my ROLDA volunteer companion “Step” can be of any help in any way, please please do not hesitate to contact me.

  12. Threatened for this info says:

    A Former Rolda Employee’s Email about working at ROLDA
    Subject: helloo
    To: “”
    Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2011, 12:32 PM
    Dana Costin started thinking like a business, not as a charity. She began to buy land from all the NGO’S donations , thenbrought a few dogs, she made cages and then began to ask for further help from foundations … How Dana Costin attract funds: take pictures as more appealing, in that miserable tions that the world can say,,, poor dog,really need help ”or looking on the internet for pictures to post and can impress the world …. easy to persuade foundationsbegan gently, began to receive the kinds of donations she did not realize …. does not care to have so many things that could use that can help dogs …. but she neededmoney…later started coming a lot of money …. has something built in to the shelter … but in the shelter dogs were dead in the end … because Dana Costin has little soul … did not want to take the dogs to the vet because she was tired, because it was far enough, though meanwhile foundations have donated money for the car to move smoothly with dogs, but it wasvery hard to take those dogs to the vet, was a great effort …… Dogs have died in terrible pain … were screaming …. No heart…she was hitting dogs like a cloth … gave them no mercy…she was hitting them in any area of ​​the body … no matter that is in front, eyes or in the abdomen … …. your heart breaks …food was restricted although she can afford the luxury of theworld how much money had … dogs were not dewormed, vaccinated …She desinfestate them only when someone comes to visit, or if someone comes to adopt one … . If you ask for help with any dog …. Very rarely answer the phone …. And they say it’s the foundation for animal welfare ….And what she does /?…. comes and takes it and leaves it in another district … like that Dana Costin is helping the animals…It’s a girl who makes people head: only money she stands for … every time trying to make money from everything …. andhere I refer to the pictures she put on site (they must be as dramatic and more attractive, or even taken from the net), many of which say do not (she said that she will pay for hundred sterilizations per month, and it only makes a quarter, althoughshe had money for more number of sterilizations, and people asked her desperate help for sterilizations

  13. Linda says:

    What can be done to stop this horrible person. I have made donations to ROLDA and I’m saddened to see they were helping a bitch and not dogs. Shame on her.

  14. Nancy Janes says:

    Volunteers see dog in horrible pain…..Costin lies about vet seeing the dog. Dog has broken hip, at ROLDA shelter:

  15. Deirdre MacNicol says:

    This is appalling..this is disgusting, this is the utmost in cruelty to animals..How dare this disgusting human being do this, prosecute her to the full extent

  16. Nancy Janes says:

    • When I was with her one time we were going to check in the town of Tulcea where “someone” had reported dogs being buried alive. “someone” had contacted WSPA and they contacted me. I was in RO and told Dana we needed to check it out. So we hired a body guard and went there. When we got to Tulcea, Dana hailed a taxi and grabbed my arm and we got in the taxi. She ducked down to hide from the body guard so we could ditch him. Why she did this. Who knows….
    • The cab driver was an animal lover and spoke English…thank God. He took us everywhere he could think of to ask if there were mass dog graves and everyone said no way. Then we went to the city dump. While we were there a man gave Dana a sweet little puppy he had and said “here you will be able to take better care of it than I can” (assuming we were rich due to the taxi and me speaking English). Dana took the puppy and called it Rollie and told me she would snuggle with it in place of Rolando who had recently died. Well, I never saw that puppy again. She told me she got rid of him because he peed all over her bed. I assumed she gave him away…..stupid me never bothered to ask for details from her. I had learned not to pry into “her business” by that time. I took a dog from the dump that I named Tully. He was eating garbage and simply pathetic…..I took him to the ROLDA shelter. When I went back the next time he was still there, but Geo told me later that Dana dumped him when I split with her out of spite.
    • When the wonderful taxi driver caught Tully for me and I was able to hold him and kiss him, I started crying and told him “you will NEVER eat garbage again”. Dana has used this as her phrase in many please for funds, making up stories of animals that she “saved” from eating garbage. Knowing that Tully was dumped God knows where in Galati makes me sick…….I will never ever forgive her for this. Heaven only knows what she really did with that little puppy.

    • Nancy Janes says:

      times when I did ask her too many questions she would throw a tantrum…..and she always had the upper hand by having the dogs that I loved so much and did not want to stop helping them. It is very twisted, but this is how she keeps getting supporters….even when we don’t like her, we feel obligated to help those dogs. Back then ROLDA was pretty much the only charity found on the internet…. I know Chrissy felt the same way too.

  17. Naida says:

    Why is the author of this article not identified?

    • Nancy Janes says:

      Hello Naida,
      The authors of this website consist of 30 individuals and non-profits who have come together with their information and dealings they have had with Dana Costin. You can see their names in their testimonials and in their comments.

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