Mr Cenac: Dana Costin Dumps 22 Diseased puppies to die at his Shelter killing another 50 dogs

Written on:August 24, 2011
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  1. Anna says:

    Dumb bitch. I hope you will rott in hell for everything. You shouldn’t have any rights, tbh.

  2. lynda says:

    Mr Cenac is a bave man to speak out about his concerns. I hope justice is eventually done

  3. I can`t belive what shrew you are Dana Costin! What kind of human being are you?! How can you sleep, woman? Look in the mirror and have fear of God! And stop this miserable attitude! You are hurting animals and people. They don`t deserve to leave near you and you don`t deserve to live near them. Just stop and go away as long as you can!

  4. Carol says:

    Dana Costin – don’t you threaten to harm Mr Cenec, his family, or his dogs; how dare you! You would be wise to keep quiet about your deception rather than attract attention by threatening good people. Remember Dana, the ALF is global, they are everywhere. The world is watching you.

    • Carol, thank you very much for your encouraging words. We all can do something against corruption in Romania and also against stealing from the animals. It is also a kind of animal welfare to help to give the animals what they deserve and what they need so much. There are a lot of money wasting into pockets like Dana Costin´s pocket and the miserable situation for the animals is the same like before – if people give money or if not. It´s so unfair! Therefore I say everyone can help in spread our link to organizations, to potential donors, to TV and Radio stations, to newspapers etc.
      (To the editor: Could you correct my statement? And if you know the address from Carol send it to her private?) Thank you!

  5. Cynthia Scionti says:

    I hope she gets what she deserves plus some!

    • Hi, Cynthia, thank you for your comment. If we all would believe to Karma she would get what she deserves. But until than we have to do all what we can do, to fight for the rights (in this case for the money) for the animals. And also for the donations culture – espacially in Romania, the corruptest countrie in Europe! We all can help – it´s a special kind of animal welfare – in spread this website and the facts about ROLDA.
      (To the moderator: Like the first comment: Maybe only for private answer.)

  6. Mary Jordan says:

    This is the first time I have seen this video and I am furious. Twenty two puppies plus the one from this goods man shelter died because of Dana and her lack of caring. Greedy greedy BITCH who only cares about money. Then threatens the man because he was brave enough to come forward. YOU should be afraid Dana, YOU will get what you have coming to you. SHAME on you and anyone who knows the wrongs you are doing and still supports you. I cried for those puppies and dogs because I have a heart, hers is made of stone or ice. Thank you to that wonderful man for doing what he does and for being who he is. I hope something gets done soon. Sorry for my language but I am so mad that puppies have died.

    • Lavinia Ion says:

      21 dogs (puppies, adult and senior dogs) died out of the total of 22 that she brought there and in addition to this 21, another 30 dogs (also puppies, adult and senior dogs) from mr. Cenac died as well.

      So, in 2 months of struggle for that poor and caring man, there where all in all 51 deaths!!! A real tragedy!!!

  7. Mary Jordan says:

    This is one of those times that Karma can not come soon enough. I hope the day she meets our maker he shows no mercy or compassion because she sure doesn’t have either of those qualities. I am angry that dogs died because of her. Very angry. I wish the law would take care of her already!

  8. Debra Ries says:

    This poor man! He is very upset.He clearly loves the dogs. Dana Costin is a cold blooded killer. Simple as that. She not only let 22 dogs/puppies suffer and die, she caused the suffering and death of others as well. I think Mr Cenec should be able to sue her for the loss of these animals!!She makes me sick!

  9. j taylor says:

    I think we need to publish this womens picture all over every social networking site in existance. The women is pure evil and is costing the lives of thousands of innocent animals every year!

  10. John says:

    Excuse me, but if she does all these terrible things, There must be a legal way to stop her, to make her pay for all the unlawful and immoral things she does.


  12. Judy Watson says:

    Unfortunately this man didn’t take pictures, but he has the Vet as his witness, I hope all his dogs are healthy , because if this goes to court, I am sure the municplity will go check his shelter.. So much death, and also his special dogs, this doesn’t not sound like the Dana I used to donate to years ago, I have now removed her from my friends list awile back, still very disturbing

    • Nancy Janes says:

      Hi Judy,
      unfortunately this is the same Dana that both you and I donated to years ago. Rolando was the animal lover, but he died in 2005, leaving Dana in charge of ROLDA with her new boyfriend. When Rolando was alive, he helped Mr. Cenac a great deal with food for the dogs and by making the shelter a better place. After Rolando died, Dana stopped supplying food for Mr. Cenac’s dogs….without notice…..simply stopped paying the bills for the dogfood as she has contracted to do. She has claimed since that she was in financially hard times, but this is not true, as it was only a few months previously that she had tricked the English business man, Mr. A, out of $100,000 to purchase land from her boyfriend, land that actually cost about $1400. So Dana Costin had plenty of money to pay for dog food. She just chose not to do so. She told the food supplier “he (Mr. Cenac) is just a crazy old man”.

  13. Barney says:

    This was nearly 1 yr ago now. Any update please? What has happened?

    To Dana: Don’t you realise you are a part of the EU and so are connected via modern Media and people, the WORLD can see what you are doing and you shame your country.

    You are a part of the corrupt and greedy system that seems to hold Romania back from advancing and becoming a place where people and it’s dogs can live happily purely for your own perverse gain.

    I am not Romanian, this is true… but I regularly travel there to work and currently rescuing a dog which Befriended me in Babadag and so feel I can express my opinion accurately and fairly.


  14. Corinne White says:

    Not suprised that Dana is back on the money stealing trail….this loser of a human being needs to disappear….what a waste of a so called human being…..hope she drowns on one of her yatchs that I helped pay for with my animal donations……

  15. Nancy Janes says:

    Hello Barney! thank you so much for asking the question about any updates! First of all, Dana is suing Mr. Cenac, the man in this video on June 28 (I believe that is the most recent date)for telling what happened to him, along with suing 2 other people in Galati for telling their stories of their experiences with her. Dana Costin is trying to shut people up, and frighten others from coming forth with information.
    I know that as a result of this expose’,, Dana was forced to start purchasing dog food from FPCC in Romania, so apparently the dogs are eating real food now, but at what intervals we still do not know as no one is allowed to visit the shelters unless Dana takes people there. Photos from her indicate that shelter improvements have been made at the ArcelorMittal shelter, and ArcelorMittal has written a statement that problems would be addressed following this expose’. The shelter that Dana claimed she needed funds from donations for,(refered to as the Large ROLDA Shelter by Dana Costin)is totally funded and always has been by Arcelor Mittal Corp. at the cost of 230,000 – 250,000 Euro per year which they pay to ROLDA to cover all costs for the dogs needs and employee wages, including sterilization costs and vet care. All costs for construction have been paid for by ArcelorMittal so ROLDA never needed donations for this Large Shelter…Costin just runs the dog pound for ArcelorMittal Steel Corporation. Dana tore down the small shelter kennel, the so-called “Adoption Center” (no one knows where those dogs went to this day) and rebuilt it after this WDMDG expose’. Those of us who contributed to this website to expose thefts and cons and animal neglect and abuse are extremely gratified to see that this website has not just been a waste of time, but has in fact forced some changes to be made. Ms. Costin knew all along how to manage the shelters, how to care for the animals, but simply decided not to do so, until this expose’, written by over 20 individuals, forced her hand to make some changes. Much more needs to be done of course, but anything is better than nothing as was the case previously. We are still requesting that monitors be allowed to check the Arcelor Mittal shelter dogs on a weekly or bi-monthly basis, but this has fallen on deaf ears of Dana Costin. Personally speaking, I am afraid that if left to her own devices, Ms. Costin will go back to her “old ways”, and therefore monitors are necessary to insure the animals’ well-being. Dana Costin threw away her “animal lover card” by using funds for herself instead of on the animals, and by tricking donors into thinking donations were needed by them to care for 500+ animals, which was never the case.

  16. Gill - Rescueme Romania says:

    In 2008 I adopted a ROLDA dog. When he arrived his long coat was matted and dirty which disguised the fact that he was a bag of bones. I didn’t dare take him to be trimmed in case someone reported me to the RSPCA for neglect. Everyone who saw him thought that he was an old dog. He was 18 months old. I had to take him to the vet anyway because he couldn’t use his back right leg and the vet was horrified at how thin he was. I’d queried the limp with Dana and she said that he must have banged his leg on the journey over. The xray showed it was an old injury and a lot of his femur was dead. Luckily because he was young the vet was able to cut away the dead bone and anyone who didn’t know him wouldn’t notice that his right leg is shorter than the left.
    The second ROLDA dog I adopted was dirty and smelly, but not particularly thin. At that point another poor shelter had contacted ROLDA for help and she put their appeal on her web site. I contacted a UK dog magazine and asked them to put an article in about this shelter, which they did. The shelter set up a paypal account but the magazine went to print with the story earlier than we expected and used Dana’s paypal address. She told us that no donations were raised for this shelter. I regret now not making a donation myself through her account and seeing if she was being truthful. To be fair to her, she did give them some money later. I will never know if this was part of the money donated by the readers of the magazine or not.Dana took some dogs from this shelter to ROLDA to be advertised for adoption in the UK. They were supposed to be getting a rabies injection straight away but six months later, when a neighbour of mine decided to adopt one of the dogs, they still hadn’t had their vaccination. The Romanian lady who had initially rescued this dog went to ROLDA to visit it and took some photos of it and another dog. When she sent me their photos I was horrified at how thin they had got. She hadn’t said anything because she was scared of Dana. The first dog is big and weighed about 45kg when she arrived at ROLDA. She was 20kg when she left and very food aggressive. As it happens she is with me now and very laid back about food so her aggression must have been caused by hunger. When I questioned Dana about how thin the dogs were I didn’t get a straight answer and she went on the attack immediately. The dog was also filthy when she arrived in the UK. These dogs were the lucky ones. They were in the small shelter and advertised for adoption.

    These were the ‘lucky’ dogs being advertised for adoption. I had sent ROLDA a lot of money over the years but stopped once we got the last of ‘our’ dogs out. I didn’t dare stop before in case Dana did something spiteful to the last dog, a real sweetie who is now the very much loved pet of a Dutch family.
    I never donated to Chrissy (Phillips of Romania Animal Aid as Dana Costin is claiming now). I sent the money straight to Dana, £100 a month for years. When I got Archie in 2008 I didn’t even know Chrissy and she sent him over with Robert Smith. The only money I sent to Chrissy was when I paid for her to bring my second dog across and I also paid £500 towards the travel for Zuzu, Tata and another dog. I ended up with Zuzu though she was elsewhere for 3 months and Tata stayed in Holland. I don’t count paying for transport as a donation.

    by Gill, Rescueme Romania

  17. Dana Costin needs toi be in jail. I’m so sick of ppl using funds and donations on themselves instead of these pitiful animals in dire need. When will it end? How can such ppl live with themselves? I’m so sorry, poor animals.

  18. Meher Toorkey says:

    I was also one of the foolish people who had supported Dana in the past. I believe that when ronaldo was alive, the money was going to help the dogs in the shelter.Once he died, the funds have been abused to support her lavish life style. I warn everyone not to support her. She is a mega hoax and a disgrace to animal welfare organizations.

  19. worldwatcher says:

    I watched the video and have only 1 thing to say,the word will spread around if something happens to Mr Cenac or his shelter.I have connections and will use them to track you down.
    People who only care about their own profits should be aware and this won’t stop criminals have to pay

  20. Jacqueline says:

    Rolda is currently running a petition on Causes to have Galati’s public dog shelters closed. The shelters names aren’t mentioned but there are two. Given Rolda’s animosity towards the late Mr Cenac I did wander if his no kill shelter was one of them, and people signing the petition are unaware of this. I totally support closing down any cruel shelter, so hope my concern is unfounded.

    • Nancy Janes says:

      Hello Jacqueline,
      Mr. Cenac did run one of the city shelters and made it a “no-kill” shelter as opposed to the other one that up until recently was a kill shelter. Mr. Cenac retired from his job sometime ago……although he visited the dogs as he could. He loved the dogs at his shelter and had names for each one of them and referred to himself as “Papa” around them. According the the Galati newspaper last September the city already has plans in place to relocate the dogs from the two city shelters. This has been in the works for almost a year now. Petitions are generally used by Dana Costin to get new email addresses for solicitation of funds from people who have signed a petition. A while back she had a petition that she stated would be given to the Romanian government, but this was impossible as the govt. had stopped accepting petitions. People often wonder how they got on ROLDA’s mailing list…..well if they happened to sign a heart-wrenching petition by “Save Romania Strays” or ROLDA, viola…..that’s how it happened. This has been ROLDA’s way of generating more and more email contacts.

      • Jacqueline says:

        Thank you for your explanation Nancy. If the newspaper report was correct, then a petition to shut the two Galati shelters is somewhat worthless, as the decision to relocate the dogs had already been made some time ago. Of course, the future of the dear dogs is of some concern and I hope a caring animal organisation is able to monitor the situation. As is all too common in Romania dogs do just disappear.

  21. Nancy Janes says:

    From Mr. Cenac, 2009, addressed to me in reference to Costin’s harassment of him.

    From: Dumitru-Florin Pirlog
    Subject: From Mr. Cenac
    To: “Nancy jones”
    Date: Sunday, November 22, 2009, 12:21 PM

    Dear Nancy,

    First of all I want to tell you that I am appalled and even frightened that there are persons that believe what a low-life person like Dana could say.
    You have to know that she and her boyfriend threatened me and I’m scared that she could pay some bullies to beat me.
    I am sorry that she is doing this to you because I know what you did for her.I am surprised that there are persons that really believe what she says.
    I thank you and Mrs. Viola for all the help that you give to me to get out from this terrible moment.I received wonderful news from Mrs. Antoinette and for these I feel that all the congratulations should come to you, because you made this thing possible.
    I hope that Mrs. Antoinette wouldn’t believe what Dana Costin says.
    I hope that all will turn well in the end.
    I am and always be beside you because you are a model for me.

    Yours forever,

    • Honesty Integrity says:

      Mr. Cenac’s neighbor used to allow Mr. Cenac to use his computer as Mr. C had none. His name was Dumitru-Florin Pirlog.

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  23. julie johns says:

    Dana Costin/ROLDA filed a lawsuit against Mr. Cenac for his expose’. Mr Cenac died, and Dana Costin/ROLDA THEN proceeded to try to sue the impoverished widow of Mr. Cenac. The case was dismissed as “unfounded”. Dana Costin did not win. Justice prevailed.

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